“2022.2.1” recently Zhu Yilong hot search frequent?Wolf Warrior 3?How about EQ records?Who’s the star of the show?Is Wang Yanlin a silly one?

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◆ ◆ ◆ Yang Chaoyue now around the boys are what type?Sa teacher this Spring Festival gala internal and everyone evaluation how?TFBOYS Spring Festival Gala is a dressing room?The program of Spring Festival Gala, is to draw up the program first, see which person is suitable to invite them again?Why didn’t Jackson Yi register an account in xx?Are female leads still popular now?Jiang Zixin and Zhou Chenxi oh oh CP, did they have a story?Happy New Year! I just saw Wang Yanlin’s live broadcast. I always think he is a silly guy, and I quite like him.He is neither silly nor silly. He has a high eq and a fast brain. He likes to activate the atmosphere of the scene, but he is also fierce when he loses his temper.Circles friend is not too much, play a good basic are outsiders The second question2 some star god figure stands The son, look at these station sister stars of various size almost all get along with, want to ask this station elder sister is star hired to take pictures in figure, or is some simple love power fans started out as a power of love,These artists will send their works to the studio for free selection, and they will establish contact with the studio after a long time. When the studio has activities, they will also pay some remuneration (in most cases, no money is given, but only invited), and let these artists with good skills take photos, and the studio will default to the artist to sell the photos in the atlas.When will Wolf Warrior iii come out? It has been said long ago that The film has been in production, but it has been delayed for five years. The script has not been written in The middle of The writing because of dissatisfaction.Happy New Year, happy Year of The Tiger.Can you tell me why zhu Yilong’s hot search is so frequent recently?This month is almost as hot as the last six months. What happened?In contact with an S-level modern IP drama, there are several male artists at The same time in The competition, just take advantage of The Spring Festival Gala finale to do some publicity, show The artist data The fifth question5 explosion sister, I would like to ask how The EQ record company, The boss or Hu Haiquan?Hu Haiquan is one of the owners. The company now mainly helps artists in the industry to make recordings. There are more than a dozen recording studios all over the country, and many artists will go to him to record songs.In addition, Hu Haiquan himself also advertised on various platforms to teach people to sing what, after teaching, want to record a song also have to go to his place to blast elder sister’s microblog is to blast elder sister, you can pay attention to, but random, happy good end