A letter from home spreads warmth Yanqing district launched “civilized practice for the Winter Olympics to send letters” activities

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New vientiane, snow and ice Winter Olympics passion.On this special New Year’s Eve, when Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is about to open, yanqing New Era Civilization Practice Center and Beijing Yanqing Branch of China Post Group Co., Ltd. jointly carried out the activity of “Civilized Practice to send letters to The Winter Olympics” on January 31.Together with the operation teams of yanqing Winter Olympics Village, 33 winter Olympics residential sites, centralized quarantine observation points, home quarantine points and other points, we will send a letter to the families of the closed loop staff and service support staff to build a bridge for them to pass on thoughts and blessings during the Spring Festival.Letters home since ancient times have been entrusted with the writer’s endless yearning.The closed loop staff and service support personnel of the Winter Olympics stick to the front line of service support, and their families will always be their solid backing in the face of challenges.Yanqing District New Era Civilization Practice Center helps people in the closed loop feel the power of home and their families feel care and warmth by sending letters home.New Year’s Eve morning, Yanqing District New Era Civilization Practice Center staff and “Yanqing villagers” volunteers are busy, printing letters and photos, copying addresses, inquiring postal codes, packaging…The first batch of 276 letters filled with blessings will depart from Yanqing District of Beijing on the same day and be sent as far as Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. The nearest will be sent to the nearby Grani Township of Yanqing District.The Spring Festival coincides with the Winter Olympic Games, yanqing District New Era Civilization Practice Center through the winter Olympic letter form, showing the most beautiful winter Olympic city when the Spring Festival paper short love long, whether it is a letter writer, or the message of the people, all feel quite a lot!Wu Dong, hr manager of Yanqing Winter Olympics Village, said: “On the occasion of the winter Olympics and The Chinese New Year ‘double happiness’ is approaching, we winter Olympics staff give up their homes for everyone, for the country ‘campaign’, can not be reunited with their families, behind the staff’s families can not understand the support and silent dedication.In order to express the New Year’s care and greetings to the staff and their families, the Operation team of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village/Winter Paralympic Village combined with the Publicity Department of Yanqing District Committee to carry out this staff condolence activity, which not only brings greetings to the team, but also shares joy with the families, so that our staff can work at ease.Here I would like to thank all the staff, families and friends who care about and support the construction, development and operation of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village. I wish you a happy New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.”Yanqing District “Ink blessing” volunteer Association volunteer service home point director Yang Bingli: “The Spring Festival is the day of family reunion, so many winter Olympics builders are in the line to stick to, as a ‘Yanqing villagers’ volunteers, I hope to use our sincere volunteer service to help the Winter Olympics!”China Post Group, Beijing Yanqing Branch: “To help the closed loop staff and service support staff of the Winter Olympics to pass on the warmth and thoughts of their families is a gesture of our postal service to ensure the Olympic Games.All the constructors of the Winter Olympics in Yan, you serve for the Winter Olympics, China Post Group Co., LTD. Beijing Yanqing Branch company serves for you!I wish you all a happy New Year and stay with your family!”Yanqing District New Era civilization practice Center office deputy director he Yingchun: “civilization practice to help the Winter Olympics, is our current central task.By ‘games love relay WeChat group of volunteer service, the first time to master the games village, 33 involved the games settlements, concentrated isolated observation points, home quarantine’ four types of workers’ mail letter of appeal, we timely organizations’ yanqing folks’ practice send letter for the games volunteers carried out a civilization, for the games are bridge builders and family structures, warm heart.Our campaign will continue throughout the Spring Festival to spread the message of more winter Olympics builders to their families.”