Gianluca zambrotta has suggested that Werner may opt for the bianconeri and dybala is a bit overconfident

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Morata is closing in on Barcelona and agnelli will need to find a replacement for the Spanish star if Joan laporta can let go of some players, according to Serie A journalist Roberto Romano.Former Italy star gianluca zambrotta said: “Werner might choose the bianconeri.Werner has seen little action at Stamford bridge and zambrotta feels the German star could move to Juventus, where allegri’s tactical formation requires a powerful striker.While Werner was at leipzig, the bianconeri management considered the German youngster and agnelli and pavel Nedved are highly likely to pick him again.Dybala has yet to agree to demands for a pay cut and thuram wants di to follow the example of umtiti, who has reduced his salary so That Barcelona can complete the registration of new signers and ease the club’s financial woes.Gianluca zambrotta has commented on dybala’s new contract – the Argentine star thinks he is still the heart of Juventus’ attack, but is not as important as he used to be.Gianluca zambrotta wants dybala to be put in his place and the Argentine star needs to get his value and level right.It is not good for the club’s development if juve’s key players think highly of themselves.Zambrotta believes there is a high chance of Werner leaving Chelsea in the winter transfer window, with the German duo appearing as a regular back-up under tuchel.Zambrotta feels hufferts is not a problem – kay is versatile enough to find his place in the blues when fixtures are tight.However, Werner’s position is awkward because the golden Spy has a limited range of functions and zambrotta believes he will struggle to find a regular place at Stamford bridge even if he improves his shooting accuracy.It is clear that Werner needs to grow up at a different club and zambrotta expects him to opt for the bianconeri.During his time at Leipzig, the Juventus management wanted Werner, but there were a lot of clubs that wanted Werner, and the bianconeri were not as good financially as the premier League and la Liga clubs.Things are a bit different now, with Werner’s development at Chelsea being less than stellar, but with lukaku joining the blues, the “golden spy” has seen less playing time and speculation about his departure has intensified.With Bayern Munich also considering the Germany international, the Bundesliga reporter believes Werner is more likely to make a return to German football, given that the southern stars are good for his international status, why does zambrotta think he might opt for Juventus?I feel morata after the ball may leave the team, the position of the attack left a candidate.Morata is a centre-forward with winger attributes, which Werner also has, and when the Golden Scout plays the arrowhead role, he shows winger attributes.When he plays second forward, he moves like a nine.Among the bianconeri’s other strikers, Roy keane is not a prominent centre-forward, while Chiesa seems to have developed into a wide midfielder.If Agnelli needs to look elsewhere, Werner is the perfect replacement for Morata.If Werner is ready to leave Chelsea, what he wants from his new club is to ensure he gets plenty of playing time and the manager’s tactics are in line with his own.Allegri focuses on the ability of strikers to penetrate and run, which is why dybala is often able to play up front.So zambrotta says Werner may opt for the bianconeri.Gianluca zambrotta believes the Argentinian star has failed to appreciate his ability in this regard, and that di Bala is “not worthy” of a multi-million dollar salary at this stage.As far as massimiliano allegri’s tactical formation is concerned, as long as di is fit, he is still an attacking engine and his footwork is outstanding in Serie A.But zambrotta also made a key point – dybala’s current injury situation is not good and he seems to be spending more time in bed.Juve are a strong club and there is no need for the club to have a glass man.According to his own injury situation, Allegri feel small di look high yourself.Then there is dybala, who has suffered a number of serious injuries, and zambrotta feels that his technique is less than what it was three or four years ago and that the Argentine star’s ability has been compromised.So, according to Zambrotta, dybala has a bit of an ego.