Happy yuanxiao sincere sincerity to send warmth

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On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, in order to let residents feel the festive atmosphere of the traditional festival and enhance the feelings between neighbors, some of our city’s street offices and communities have carried out a celebration of the Lantern Festival activities.”Wow, I got one right!””Ha ha, I won an award!”11 morning, in the iron hill street office first floor hall, from time to time came bursts of laughter, cheers.The New Era Civilization Practice Institute of Tieshan Sub-district Office held the activity of “Development Zone · Tieshan District 2022 ‘Our Festival — Guessing Lantern riddles and celebrating Yuanxiao'”, bringing residents a spiritual and cultural feast.At the scene of the activity, the interesting riddles with knowledge and interest were hung in the air for residents to guess, and the riddles with colorful red strips aroused the strong interest of community residents.Riddle wide-ranging, covering the allusion word riddles, place names, terminology, etc., both plain fun quizzes, also have more complex abstract puzzle, of both entertaining and informative, attracted a lot of community residents, some staring at the puzzle thoughtful concentration, some joy smile for his guess answer to a riddle, excited to check your answers to those workers,And claim the prize.On the same day, Huangshi Port district xinzha community organization carried out the “fun and harmonious yuanxiao warm harmonious family” activities.In the morning, residents came to the scene early to participate in the Lantern Festival activities.Community workers prepared materials, decorated the activity site and hung more than 30 lantern riddles in advance.There are not only riddles for guessing, but also various riddles including civilized etiquette, folk culture and legal knowledge, so that people can enjoy the influence of traditional culture while participating in the activities.Wong Shek Port Community Health Service center also sent two medical staff to the scene, for residents to preach health knowledge, blood pressure measurement, physical examination.The community police explained three typical cases of the elderly being deceived to the residents and publicized the legal knowledge.Also on the same morning, Hujiawan community in the community of the new era civilization practice station to carry out the “happy yuanxiao, sincere heart to send warm” celebration of yuanxiao activities.When everyone arrived, the staff and volunteers set up a pot of boiling water and began to cook tangyuan, a symbol of reunion and nostalgia.Later, the volunteers distributed the boiled dumplings to the residents present.Residents say that hot dumplings are eaten in the mouth and sweet in the heart.After the activity, the staff sent the packed dumplings to the homes of lonely people, empty nesters and left-behind children in the area. The old people, with happy smiles on their faces, expressed their gratitude by holding the dumplings: “Thank you for the care of the community all the time, let us deeply feel the warmth of the community family.”(Reporter Zhang Chunling wu Gaobao Cao Yang correspondent Cheng Ting Chen Ji Mei CAI Hongju Cheng Lu) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com