Influenced by a new cold air, there is another cooling and rainfall process in Yangchun

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From 7th to 10th, affected by the cold air, There was light rain on a cloudy day in Yangchun. The lowest temperature recorded by the National Meteorological Observatory in Yangchun on 9th was 9.8 degrees centigrade.From 11th to 12th, the temperature will rise and the light fog will be obvious.The cold air and shear line affected yangchun city, light rain.Ii. The weather forecast predicts that yangchun will be affected by the cold air in the early part of this week and the temperature will drop.In the middle of the warm and humid (light) fog, including the 17th Yangchun city has light to moderate rain;Later affected by a new cold air, there was another cooling and rainfall process.Specific forecast (forecast time: 20:00-20:00) : today during the day, cloudy, the highest temperature of about 18 degrees;15th, cloudy with overcast, 13 to 19 degrees;16th, overcast with cloudy, morning and evening (light) fog, 13 to 21 degrees;On the 17th, light to moderate rain, 15 to 19 degrees;18th, cloudy, light rain, 16 to 20 degrees;19, cloudy, scattered light rain, 11 to 16 degrees;Looking ahead to The 20th, cloudy with light rain and cold weather.1, the weather continues to be cold, it is necessary to pay attention to cold and warm, pay attention to home fire safety and indoor ventilation, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the use of gas.2, rain and fog weather visibility is low, the road is slippery, travel need to pay attention to traffic safety.3, the rhythm of the weather changes quickly, avoid causing respiratory diseases and fever, cough and other uncomfortable symptoms.Source: Yangchun government website