“Is this the ‘conspiring aloud’ of legend?”

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“Hi — hi!It’s too thin!””Ke son!Walk you!”China’s Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi beat Australia 6-5 in the second round of curling mixed doubles at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Congratulations!Late February 2, 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing the curling on “ice cube” national swimming center, on behalf of the Chinese battle is young combination LingZhi/Fan Su round two per capita is the northeast after 90 people it is worth mentioning their international competition experience basic zero team more than three months of their opponent is last year’s winter Olympics pyeongchang, silver medalist,The long-established and experienced Swiss Pair Of Perret/Rios are extremely strong.In the face of powerful opponents, China’s “post-90s” duo showed no signs of being intimidated, putting their best foot forward from the opening to make a 3-0 dream start.The Swiss duo slowly found their rhythm and took advantage in the sixth game to convert the score.5:4, China is temporarily behind.Ling zhi and Fan Su yuan did not flinch from their difficulties, tying the score to send the match into the extra set and then making a series of difficult shots to win 7-6.China’s Ling Zhi and Fan Suyuan beat Australia 6-5 to win their second straight curling mixed doubles match at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 3.Congratulations to the Chinese team!Compared with intense game process and the two players win the excitement of the netizens in happy mood concern seems to be some “wandering” but this is not what the hall two athletes loud authentic northeast words let a person do not pay attention to not Fan Su round each throw a pot of 1 must be imbued with supreme heroism of the “hey -” she was Shouting clearance sometimes join command”Hey — enough, enough, hey — Chi brother more, full strength!Hi — “when the play is not good, she will also add a teasing” Hi — hi ah!It’s too thin!”Ling Zhi’s propaganda is not so full and tension fan Su yuan, but more northeast flavor, “Knock son!Walk you!””It’s done.”When ling threw a “two birds with one stone” ball to win the audience cheers, but said in a northeast dialect: “This suddenly gave me a kick, a little cramp.”When two people discuss tactics, they are also full of energy. “Stand on the red ball bai.” “Right!””Just stand on it?””Yes, just go to” play the partial you site is worth mentioning that Switzerland voice also not small although I don’t know what they are saying but also every pitch will shout image: electric shock news client so happy feeling, really amused a sports himself off teasing the audience @ CCTV network: “this is the legendary ‘plot to loudly?””Output depends on roar, haha output depends on strength, Angle and technology,” another user said, Shouting is ok, “anyway, the other person does not understand,” and another concern about the two’s appearance level: “One is so handsome, the other is so beautiful!”Shouting in curling is actually a command to instruct teammates to brush the ice in front of the stone, which greatly affects the speed and direction of skating.Curling, one of the Olympic Games, has been described as “chess on ice”.Athletes brush the ice to “clean the floor”, because as the game progresses, some of the particles on the ice will be wiped off. Athletes have to adjust the strategy of throwing and sweeping the ice according to the change, and compete with each other in the control of a large number of details.Today (February 3) at 20:05 China will continue to face Sweden looking forward to more exciting performance!Come on!The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will begin soon.The winter Olympic Games is the first winter Olympic Games to be held in Beijing.What are the Winter Olympics?Is it the same as the Olympics?What are the events in the Winter Olympics?Now The Guangdong public DV scene hand in hand with Beta story jointly launched Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics knowledge popular science original audio series the Winter Olympics come fast with the home “monkey” together with beta into the Winter Olympics listen to those you don’t know the Winter Olympics!After listening to so many popular science introductions, we all know that ice and snow is the “soul” of the Winter Olympic Games. The quality of the ice and snow track can create conditions for athletes to achieve good results.And objectively increased the intensity of the racing competition.What if the weather warms up and there is no snow?Don’t try so hard ah, don’t forget, we not only emphasizes the green Olympic Games, is the pursuit of science and technology Olympics, in order to ensure that the Beijing Olympics with snow, the national key research and development of the science and technology the games with security key technology of snow, the snow, snow, ChuXue three aspects of research, make it possible for summer snow with, to ensure that the Beijing Olympics to realize the “freedom” with snow.As a matter of fact, not only in our country, but also in international competitions, especially in the Winter Olympics, almost all ski sports use artificial snow.This is because the artificial snow making time is controllable, as long as the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, the snow machine can work, get rid of the risk of relying on the weather for food.What’s more, artificial snow can meet the needs of different venues and is suitable for most snow sports.In addition to the amount of snow on the track and the reuse of water, what many people don’t know is that artificial snow is physically more stable, which in turn makes the competition more even.Time flies winter Olympics also came to our doorstep Beijing Olympic Games time is coming small bench moved good?From January 29, we launched every day “those things about the Winter Olympics” if you or your children interested in the Winter Olympics/sports might as well every night at 10 o ‘clock appointment we DV live public number tweet text, audio let you and your children,Learn about the history of the Winter Olympics at any time and feel the unique charm of the Winter Olympics