Representative of Wang Hong: Striving to be the practitioner of splendid butterfly transformation in modern coastal cities

2022-04-23 0 By

“The work report of the Municipal Party Committee, through the new ideas, decided on a new layout, put forward a new goal, show the new responsibility, vivid description of the next five years of Rizhao high-quality development blueprint.We are more excited and confident to do a good job in the future.”After listening to the report, Representative Wang Hong said that she would focus on the five “new”, focus on the key to grasp the implementation, improve the function and quality, fully implement the spirit of the Party Congress, and strive to be an active implementer of the wonderful “butterfly change” in modern coastal cities.We will push ahead with key projects to provide new support for industrial development.With project construction as the first starting point of high-quality development, we will accelerate the development of 24 key projects in the streets, create a new highland for industrial economic development, and upgrade the service industry level in the old city business circle.Focus on the integration of urban and rural areas, to reshape the quality of new advantages.We will focus on the demolition and reconstruction of the southern part of dongguan district and the renewal of the western part of Rizhao Road. We will complete the relocation of 7 villages within the year, optimize the spatial layout of the old city and improve the quality of the city.Cultivate and expand characteristic industry, develop suburb economy energetically.We will guide people’s needs and draw a new blueprint for ensuring people’s wellbeing.We will continue to solve prominent problems of the greatest concern to the people, complete the renovation of 36 old residential areas, ensure that all district heating is provided in residential areas in old urban areas, and speed up the construction of “red properties” in old residential areas so that more people will benefit from the fruits of development.We will keep to the bottom line of development and build a new pattern of efficient governance.We will take the grid governance trials as an opportunity to expand the channels for understanding social conditions, improve the linkage mechanism between social organizations, social organizations and social organizations under the leadership of the Party organization, carry out special efforts to resolve conflicts, and continue to ensure the bottom line of work, such as fire prevention, flood control and workplace safety.We should adhere to party building and open up a new situation in Party building.Always to the party building to development, governance and security, forging a “see, stand out, clear out” of the hard cadre team, to carry out the removal of villages in the city to change the community and concentrated attack, polish the characteristics of the party building brand.(Wan Defang, all media reporter of Rizhao Newspaper)