Why 9 big compulsory examination subject teacher in, English teacher mostly “rich beautiful”?Because the reality

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Education teachers are the guiding lights of students’ life. They not only teach students knowledge, but also guide students from all aspects of words and deeds, world outlook, values and outlook on life.A good teacher, is rich in ethics and correct values, everything from the point of view of the students, everything to the interests of the students, such a teacher deserves everyone’s respect.Of course, students are also visual animals. A young teacher with exquisite appearance and fashionable dress is more popular with students. He is not only welcomed by students, but also known as friends with students.And such teachers have one thing in common, that is, most of them teach English.English teacher is the most beautiful 9 major study subject teachers and students of gold period will be divided into primary school, junior high school, high school, university of four stages, each stage to learn different subjects, but mathematics has always been the three major outside, even in the university of advanced mathematics, Chinese literature, also need to learn English, so students for three courses for the teacher’s attention with higher.In addition to the three main subject teachers, physical and chemical health, politics, history, this 6 examination, the college entrance examination subject, because of the importance of the subject, the teacher also has a decisive position in the hearts of students.School teachers are in the same office, it is hard to avoid being compared together, teachers of various subjects are also the object of students’ gossip, often talking about which teacher is the most beautiful, the most fashionable, “English teacher” always has a name.No matter that age, which student stage, English teacher is 9 big compulsory subject teacher, most fashionable, most beautiful most gold.English teachers always have clothes to wear, five days a week clothes are not the same, and The English teacher is white, beautiful and long legs, not only more busy every day with delicate makeup, let a person feel good.Beautiful things are always liked by the public, because they are pretty and fashionable, and the English teacher has become one of the most popular teachers among students.The same teacher, English teacher or three major teachers, why have time to dress up and aesthetic better?Most English teacher pretty much gold reason reason one: enter oneself for an examination professional English girls more can enter the school to teach English teacher, graduated students are mostly normal university English majors, itself in normal universities is Yin flourishes while Yang declines very serious school types, coupled with the English language and literature major, which attracted 99% of all are girls enter oneself for an examination.There are almost no boys in the classes of English majors in colleges and universities, so those girls who eventually enter the primary and secondary schools to teach English must have the best oral English, so most of them have studied abroad. The fact that they can study abroad proves that their family conditions are good and they have accepted western culture abroad, and their thoughts are more mature and fashionable.This is also the main reason why most English teachers are beautiful, young and rich women teachers.Reason two:Most easy to accept new things, walk in the fashion front, although our country since 1977 to restore the university entrance exam, English has always been a division, but English is after all a foreign language and literature, and also was a new things, can accept new things, and can convert it to eat their tools, instructions for new things to accept ability is very strong,Most of these people are on the cutting edge of fashion and have a good aesthetic.Beauty in the bone is not skin, really beauty is not facial features long more good-looking, but will dress up will pick up.Three reasons:Young female teachers have more advantages in the English department of English is a foreign literature, our country elementary and middle school students from no language environment, learning up has the certain difficulty, wanted to learn, students will need to use a language charm of the teacher, can be related to grammar and pronunciation, the interpretation of affectionately old teacher compared commonly inside collect, it is hard to play charm interpretation of the English language,So being “young” is also a big advantage for English teachers.Double cut, English status in jeopardy, English teachers face unemployment?As we all know, at present our primary and secondary schools are implementing double reduction, although double reduction students are all subjects comprehensive reduction, but English is the biggest impact, before the students from the first grade to make up lessons outside, now is not allowed to make up lessons, part of the teacher unemployed.In addition, some provinces and cities have canceled English tests. For example, the big city Of Shanghai has canceled English tests for grades 1-3. Although students still learn English as usual, there is no test, so students and parents must pay less attention to it, so the status of English teachers will also decline.In fact, with the improvement of China’s international status, the voice of “cancel English” has been constantly. The public believes that canceling English to improve the status of Chinese is the most important thing in the current education development. If it comes true, it will be a fatal blow to English teachers.At present, English is still the three major subjects, and it may change in the future. Therefore, only the truly competent English teachers with top teaching scores can continue to develop in their posts. Appearance, dress and appearance, whether they are young or not, are not the most important things.Today’s topic: is your English teacher the most beautiful and rich teacher in the grade?(The above pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.)