Zhangjiajie held “3.15 International Consumer Rights Day” conference

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At the event.Present awards.View the event panel on site.Distribute publicity materials on the spot and answer questions on consumer rights protection for the masses.Rednet moment Zhangjiajie March 15 – (reporter Zhang Pan) On the afternoon of March 15, Zhangjiajie city “to create a national food safety demonstration city to promote fair consumption” the city’s “3.15 international Consumer Rights Day” conference was held in the People’s Square.Vice Mayor Wang Tao attended the event and spoke.Event, by setting up banner, display boards, distribution of consumer rights protection publicity materials, the scene to solve the masses, safeguarding consumers’ rights and explain how to discern between true and false and inferior product in daily life, to the general consumers’ common sense and universal laws and regulations knowledge, enhance consumer rights protection consciousness, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.According to reports, although Zhangjiajie has been affected by THE COVID-19 epidemic in the past two years, the pace of upgrading consumer rights protection services has not stopped.Zhangjiajie in further perfecting the “1 + N + 15 minutes” consumer rights protection service circle of tourism, “15, there is no reason to warrantee” rights protection work mechanism and system, on the basis of the 2021, and overall global tourism consumer rights protection (ODR) online dispute mechanism construction, the online consumer disputes settlement mechanism covering the whole city urban and rural industries in various fields,Let the consumer and the operator “do not have to run once” can resolve the consumption dispute.In 2021, the market supervision system of the city dealt with 3,686 consumer complaints, with a complaint handling rate of 100%, and saved economic losses of 3,147,500 yuan for consumers.Wang Tao pointed out that this year is the province’s first tourism development conference held in the year, is zhangjiajie city to create a national food safety demonstration city inspection and acceptance of the year, to do a good job in the protection of consumer rights and interests of extraordinary significance.He asked the city’s operators to strictly implement the main responsibility to ensure the quality of goods and service level;Organizations in all industries should strengthen self-discipline and guide enterprises to deal with consumer disputes in a timely and proper manner.Governments at all levels and relevant functional departments should strengthen market supervision and improve the efficiency of safeguarding rights;Consumer rights and interests protection organizations at all levels should give full play to the role of social supervision and bridge, play a good role as a consumer’s friend, so that the theme of “creating a national food safety demonstration city, jointly promote consumer equity” is deeply understood by everyone.In addition, zhangjiajie Agriculture and Rural Bureau and other 8 units were awarded the title of “Advanced Units of Consumer Rights protection in Zhangjiajie in 2021”.Ten people, including Xing Bin, were awarded the title of “Advanced Individual of Consumer Rights Protection in Zhangjiajie in 2021”.