A lot of electric products have been removed by Amazon!How does the seller appeal?

2022-04-24 0 By

Recently, a seller feedback said, with 18650 lithium battery three products listing, suddenly changed dog.Contact Amazon said that because contains 18650 batteries, so direct ban not to sell.A ban on the sale of all cylindrical lithium batteries would be absurd, because it would be so widespread.The customer service response specifically mentions that Amazon is implementing restrictions on lithium ion batteries.The new restrictions appear to be tougher than previous ones, and Amazon has made it clear that it will not accept applications for sales of these products.Cylindrical lithium-ion battery types include: 14500, 16340, 18650, 20700, 21700, 26650;And all products containing batteries of this type, even if the products do not contain batteries.In February 2018, a link to an 18650 battery suddenly appeared in a buyer’s review, claiming that the battery had exploded, along with pictures of the accident scene.In September 2018, a buyer claimed that one of his chargers suddenly caught fire, and an investigation later found that the battery used lacked circuit protection.Since then, news of the 18650 battery explosion has been constantly breaking out.Last year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a warning to consumers not to buy loose lithium-ion batteries, especially the 18650 model.Exposed to the positive and negative sides, the bulk batteries could cause fire, smoke or even explosions, the agency said.As a result, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay have begun to tighten their lithium-ion battery sales policies amid regulatory requirements and consumer complaints.This time, a large number of products with 18650 batteries were removed from the listing, it seems reasonable.How to appeal after the product listing is removed?1. Delete links to all 18650, mAh, lithium battery, etc related keywords;2. If 18650 or other battery models are mentioned in the picture, remove the picture or replace it with another one;3. Appeal Information:(1) English manual (2) Product six-side diagram (PDF) (3)UL2056 Report (4)DOC Compliance Statement (5)UN38.3 Report and MSDS report If the link is still available for sale, remember to remove the title, description, pictures, all 18650, lithium battery and other related information on the A+ page, and take cover for the time being.At present, the sellers who have not taken down the shelves do not need to worry too much, because Amazon is cleaning the machine, not to dismantle the machine to verify, just need to be flexible, can avoid a lot of problems.For more cross-border policy and relevant operation knowledge, please continue to pay attention to us. Wimoor focuses on one-stop fine management of Amazon, ebay, AliExpress and other multi-platform, providing a complete set of process solutions such as purchase, sale, storage, operation, advertising, finance and so on.