Dance of destiny!She is still a strong stage in a different Winter Olympics!Hundreds of media watched Valieva practice

2022-04-24 0 By

Beijing time on February 12, according to the latest report of The Yonhap News Agency, at the top of the vortex of public opinion in Russia 15 years old flower skating girl Valieva, today for the third consecutive day appeared in the training field.The intrepid Russian trained in spite of a media circus and uncertainty about whether she would be able to compete in the individual event at the Winter Olympics on February 15.On the afternoon of December 12, Valieva practiced today at the figure skating auxiliary rink near the Capital Gymnasium.Because it is a training ground, there are no spectators, and only about 40 people can fit outside the small training ground.But about 100 media members, including photographers and videographers, crowded to watch Valieva’s training session this afternoon.South Korean media reported that a Russian journalist arrived late and tried to rush to the training ground to watch the practice, but was stopped by staff — there was no room for him to stand inside.Olympic rules forbid journalists to take photos or video at the official Olympic training ground or stadium.A few could not help but touch the phone to take photos of the reporter, the scene was stopped by staff.Kpo’s training started with a fairly noisy atmosphere, but everyone held their breath when she showed up.K-po looked down and pondered for a moment, but when her first song came on, her movements showed that she was under a lot of pressure.The coach patted her on the back, and her eyes watered.She managed to get into her stride and took her jumps with ease.With dozens of cameras and hundreds of eyes on Valieva, no one paid much attention to Anna Sherbakova, who trained with her.It wasn’t until Serbakova fell that reporters all sighed.After training, Valieva walked through the mixed zone wearing a mask and a big smile.When reporters asked her questions, Ms. Valieva just smiled without saying anything.But there were few reporters asking questions, most of them just staring silently at the 15-year-old Russian girl who has been at the center of the headlines these days.