Does the US army need any help?The F35c is lying 3,600 meters under the sea, easily handled by Chinese salvage equipment

2022-04-24 0 By

Before the Chinese New Year, the US Navy’s F35C plane crashed in a public uproar. Many people asked whether it really happened. Under pressure, the US Navy had to admit that the PLANE did crash, and said that the plane did not crash on the aircraft carrier, but fell into the bottom of the sea.The US military is currently discussing how to recover the CRASHED F-35C, but there is no good plan.In spite of their own inability, they are still wary of other countries.In the U.S. navy to discuss how to salvage at sea F35C jets, the American media in the hype that as soon as possible to salvage of aircraft, especially against China, to get out before in China, otherwise the aircraft wreckage out China cracked it technology and confidential, will cause great loss to us.However, the US military does not seem to be concerned about the concerns raised by the US media. The US Navy Association website recently stated that “based on the location of the crash, the aircraft is likely to be at a depth of 30,000 feet (approximately 9,000 meters).”Last year, the SUPSALV team, which specializes in deep-sea salvage operations, recovered the wreckage of an MH-60s Osprey helicopter that crashed into the sea in 2020, setting a world record by reaching a depth of more than 6,000 meters.If the US doesn’t have the means to salvage the aircraft, then other countries are not likely to salvage the aircraft, so there is no need to worry about the aircraft being retrieved by China.So is it true that no one can retrieve the plane before the US does?Japan’s Maritime Security Agency, which is more familiar with the crash site and knows the waters on its doorstep better than the United States, said the depth of the crash was only 11,800 feet, not 30,000 feet.Good, other countries do have the capability to retrieve this fighter jet. Take China for example. In April last year, The Indonesian military announced that their submarine sank and the lives of 53 people on board were unknown, but Indonesia had no systematic rescue equipment at home, so it could only ask other countries.At this time in our country has sent their strongest special rescue ships – “yongxing island” submarine rescue vessel, the vessel working depth can reach 4500 meters, and with which device can be assisted and unmanned underwater cruise machine, through the tireless efforts of our country is finally collected a lot of submarine parts and a 700 kg of life raft,All 53 crew members were confirmed dead due to lack of oxygen.For the US, the reason why they have not decided how to recover the F35C is because they consider the water depth in this area to be 9,000 meters, which is a big challenge;But according to intelligence from neighboring countries, the water depth in the area is only 3,600 meters. So is the United States wrong or are the neighboring countries wrong?If the US is right, why did its strategic nuclear submarine run into a submarine mountain in the South China Sea?So it was clear that the United States was not familiar with the hydrologic conditions of the area, and that the depth of the area was only an estimate.So now the U.S. military is also struggling, how deep is the water in this area?If it is really 9000 meters, then sent their salvage team to carry out the salvage is likely to be unsuccessful, not only did not get the fighter out, wasted a lot of manpower and material resources not to say, but also in the international and make a big joke, so that their image fell again.After all, the United States has lost face in the world so many times these days, from submarines crashing into mountains and planes crashing into the sea to trying to find a needle in a haystack.So does the U.S. military want our help or not?After all, if we find our country to help salvage, first of all, because of the distance, the cost will be much lower than the United States salvage;And for this area of our country is certainly more familiar with than the United States, it is also more convenient and fast, if not salvaging, the United States does not have to carry the pot, because our country is not salvaging, others will only think that our country’s ability is not good, this is not the United States most like to see?Kill two birds with one stone, whether it is retrieved or not, it is good for themselves, they can save a lot of salvage costs, not retrieved and let China lose face, as for the fear of our country to crack the technology and secrets of the plane retrieved, this is not to worry about,China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has long said that China has no interest in the US F35C that crashed in the South China Sea, let alone that it is a faulty fighter jet. What if China cracked the wrong technology?