Douro: how bad is the character of Snow?Forced to fall in love with Tang three also forced to see the whole body

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Hello, everyone, I am heart dust, daily take you to see douro continent from a different Angle.There are two different fan factions among the fans of Doluo Mainland animation. One is the main character, Tuan Fan, dominated by Tang SAN and Xiao Wu, and the other is the villain fan. Of course, Xinchen believes that the villain fan should be more Yan fan.After all, there are not many villains. Their appearance and temperament definitely contribute to their popularity among so many fans.Here we mainly discuss the role of Qianren Snow, the heart of dust that douro to qianren snow has two sides, and a huge gap between people love and hate.Why do you say that?First of all, Although Qian Renxue is a villain, she is actually a very inspirational character if we look at the whole storyline.Qianren snow since the urine did not have a father, it is never felt the feeling of maternal love, in this world is the only thing worth her trust only grandpa qiandaoliu one person.Looking from one’s life experience, qianren snow is pitiful and pathetic.Is such a not common status, was born noble woman, but was placed in the day dou empire, as a pawn in the temple of the soul.For many years qiren xuegongfu was mostly just trying to prove its worth to his mother Bibi Dong and get her attention.She works hard and she works hard, and that’s what inspires her.From the point of view of God, Douluo mainland is a world with unclear boundaries between good and evil.Qian Ren snow this life of what do almost all above politics, in addition to tang three outside of all the people determined by her position, but in addition to we will find, Qian Ren snow is not a killing innocent, wreathe soul beast of the wicked.However, this seemingly inspirational villain has gradually become a very unsuccessful character.Why do you say so?All this has to fall in love with Tang Three, and tang three see light body.Here are some of the worst scenes about Qian Renxue in the original novel, and the main reason for her character’s collapse.Qian Ren snow and tang three intersection of little and little, and the most let a person is silent, qian Ren snow as career women, the author must give her a love brain, dare to love to leave the love can not go down bai?Thousands of renren snow in the ninth god test when clearly stated that he had fallen in love with Tang three in the month xuan.That is, tang Three get killed in the field after his aunt there to cultivate noble temperament cultivation of the heart of the plot, here is also the biggest slot point, at that time or snow qinghe Qianren snow did not know the man in front of tang three, Tang Yuehua introduced when also said tang Silver.That is to say, qianren snow is actually here on the blue silver emperor Tang three fell in love at first sight.That is not to say that qianren snow is also a yan control, she is actually interested in tang three skins.And the bigger slot point is that a woman with such a strong career, would want to conquer a man, an enemy.In addition to love brain, really can not find any reason to let qianren snow into this vice.More detailed, qianren snow in the completion of angel god inheritance, there was a desire to indulge in that: pleasure, the imperial “princess”, one person under ten thousand people above, not to a female goddess to “lonely” girl’s direction, such an image which can not collapse.Qianren snow angel nine test of the picture is unbearable, but more unbearable is, as the goddess of the villain, her body but also tang three see light, and their own in the god test of the picture in addition to broadcast to the Tang three to see the whole, but also a live broadcast and Tang three.Xin Chen thinks, like this again and again let Qian Ren snow show off her beauty, is simply to the role of insult and disrespect.Is such description just to satisfy the reader’s fantasy or has another intention?I am the heart dust, the daily update of the country mantex, like my content remember one key three link oh.