First lesson of the New Year, receive blessings from space

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On the evening of February 16, astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu appeared in a large online class and urged children to study hard.On the evening of February 16th, under the guidance of the Publicity Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and sponsored by the Education Department of Hunan Province, the “I am the Successor” online class gave the children a great gift — the first lesson of the New Year “Young me”.It is reported that guo Xiaofang, director of the network class of “I am the inheritor” and advanced worker of national minor ideological and moral construction, jointly delivered the lecture with Shenzhou 13, Shenzhou 12 flight crew astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, Ye Guangfu, Tang Hongbo and Professor Zhang Guozuo, director of Chinese cultural soft power Research Center.The big class also invited representatives of primary and middle school students in the province to perform together.■ Article/video Sanxiang Metropolis Daily all media reporter Yang Sihan Huang Jing province primary and secondary schools on the “New Year’s first lesson” “let’s see, who can recite, there are ‘young’ two words of the poem, how?””Yes.Youth must be early, how long young.Meng Jiao, Persuasion, Tang Dynasty.Would you like a “…In class, students from Derunyuan Primary School in Yuelu district, Changsha, dressed in red long gowns, brought crosstalk “Teenagers in Poetry” to primary and secondary schools across the province, letting them know how to cherish the youth and precious time.And “Winter Night Reading Shi Ziyu” with calligraphy this art form of expression, tell everyone to do things and learning need to adhere to, book knowledge need to go through practical experience, can not be an armchair strategist.”This lesson tells me to cherish the time, I will also listen to astronauts uncle and aunt, good study.”In changsha kaifu district water pool at 8 PM, primary school students of class a (2) Wei Zewen accompanied by her mother and father, together with the provincial primary and middle school students in the “the first lesson,” he told reporters that made him the most impressive is the showcase, “ShuangJian”, because the club activities in class he is not strange, “painting” “go” lesson “calligraphy” these schools all have,He can choose according to his interests.The reporter learned that the online class is divided into three teaching chapters: the first chapter is “Youth time”, reciting “Qinyuanchun · Changsha” and other contents, hoping to cherish the time and encourage everyone to aspire to youth;The second chapter, “Young responsibility”, encourages everyone to learn new ideas and do a good job of successor;The third chapter “Young sailing”, calligraphy works show and other content, encourage everyone in the “double reduction” background, set up a broad vision, believe that “born I will be useful”, constantly courageously pursue their dreams!”The ‘I am the Successor’ network realizes the unified teaching of the whole province, tens of millions of young people and their parents together to learn the ‘theme big course’, enjoy the ‘spiritual feast’, open up a new front of the network ideological and political education ‘a game of chess, a class together’.Related, said an official with the classroom according to the characteristics of the adolescent students’ awareness of curious, active and behavior habits, draw lessons from the film and television works and the present form of variety shows, on the premise of educational purpose, “innovation learning, realize” thought red “and” popular red “unifies, make education courses have fo the attraction and appeal of teenagers.It is reported that through the network joint school platform in Hunan Province, the good network classroom will be opened to 22 rural network joint school experimental counties, 100 lotus school network joint school, 540 regional network joint school groups, more than 7000 new resource teaching points, to solve the ideological and political courses in rural weak schools can not open, open insufficient, open problems.