In 1955, Premier Zhou was “provoked” by the Prime minister of Ceylon and won the respect of the audience by answering three sentences

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In 1955, during the Bandung Conference, the prime minister of Indonesia, the host country, warmly invited the chief representatives of eight countries, including the Chief representative of the Chinese delegation zhou Enlai, to a luncheon at his home after the meeting ended one morning.After the lunch, which was dominated by western food, the delegates had coffee in the corridor before preparing to bid a polite farewell.At that moment, however, the Prime minister of Ceylon, who had also been invited to the lunch, sauntered up to Zhou and asked him a provocative question about Taiwan.The day before, he had made an inappropriate statement on the Taiwan issue.In the face of the president of Ceylon’s provocation, Zhou Enlai just smiled, with only three words, perfectly resolved the other party’s challenge, won the house.It has always been wise for a weak country to have no diplomacy.Today, the voice of China’s diplomatic delegation on diplomatic occasions should be listened to by all countries in the world. This is because China is now powerful.Time fell back to 70 years ago, at the beginning of the founding of new China, don’t say to listen to the voice around the world, there is not even the new China, is in foreign under the condition of the extremely difficult conditions, by premier zhou is almost, snatching hold up the whole of the diplomacy, earned a place in the world for China.Premier Zhou was once said that the world diplomatic arena in the 1950s seemed designed for Zhou Enlai.This comment is appropriate for Premier Zhou.On April 20, 1954, Premier Zhou led a delegation of more than 200 people from Beijing to Fly to Switzerland to attend the Geneva Conference, which was the first time that New China participated in a large international conference as one of the five major powers.The Geneva conference, which lasted for more than three months, had two main issues: Indochina and Korea. It was a war without smoke.Among them, the Indochina issue was properly resolved under the active mediation of the Chinese delegation headed by Zhou Enlai. France promised to end the colonial war in Indochina and withdraw its troops from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.However, the negotiation on the Korean issue was once in a deadlock, and the Korean issue could not be solved completely due to the obstruction of the United States.Although the conference was not completed, Premier Zhou’s extraordinary political courage and superb diplomatic wisdom left a deep impression on the delegates attending the conference.At the same time, the participating countries also saw the unremitting efforts of the Chinese delegation to promote the smooth running of the conference, thus greatly enhancing the international prestige of the new China.In addition to attending the Geneva Conference, China also gained something else during the conference.On June 24, 1954, the Geneva Conference adjourned. Zhou Enlai took this opportunity to visit India and Myanmar upon invitation and held cordial and friendly talks with the leaders of the two countries.During his visit to India, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru told Premier Zhou that Indonesian President Sukarno was actively preparing to hold a conference on peace issues in Asian and African countries with India, Pakistan and other countries. Nehru reminded Premier Zhou to pay more attention to this conference.After returning to China, Premier Zhou immediately reported this news to MAO Zedong. MAO zedong thought that all the Asian and African countries attending the conference were the objects that China needed to unite. Therefore, he proposed to actively participate in the peace conference at the central meeting.As many of you have guessed, this peace conference became known as the Bandung Conference.It is natural for Premier Zhou to take part in the Asian-African Peace Conference.In order to participate in the conference, the host country must first be invited, and Indonesia as the host, their attitude is crucial.China established diplomatic relations with Indonesia in 1950, but there is not much contact between the two countries.So how do we get an invitation?Zhou Enlai thought for a while and locked his eyes on Indonesian President Sukarno.Zhou enlai instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to write a letter to Sukarno expressing his wish to attend the Asian-African peace conference.When Sukarno received the letter, he was also in a dilemma.China is the largest country in Asia, and the international affairs in Southeast Asia have always been influenced by China. He personally agreed with China’s participation in the Asian-African Conference, but a group of forces in the Indonesian government held a hostile attitude toward China and the Overseas Chinese, so he was somewhat hesitant.In his entanglement, the United States received information in Indonesia ambassador Jones will come uninvited.If any country in the world was least willing to host China, it was the United States.After the Geneva meeting, Secretary of State John Dulles saw Zhou as a very provocative diplomat who could easily spread communist ideas around the world, which the United States did not want to see.Thus, when Dulles learned that the Chinese government was actively preparing to participate in the Asian-African peace Conference, he set about plotting sabotage, with Jones as his instrument of sabotage.When Jones visited Sukarno, he sent a clear message that the United States did not want the Communist Party to attend the conference.The forceful intervention of the United States disgusted Sukarno, but he could not afford to offend the United States, so he had to use a compromise saying that he would seriously consider the American proposal.The Chinese Foreign Ministry has not received sukarno’s response yet. Aware of possible interference by anti-China forces, it decided to send personnel to contact the Indonesian side as soon as possible.Just before the Vacancy of The Chinese ambassador to Indonesia is still vacant, filling at this time, just to meet the need for contact between the two countries.After careful selection, general Huang Zhen was finally selected as ambassador to Indonesia.Immediately after his appointment, Huang zhen and his wife left for Indonesia.Sukarno had originally planned to invite China, but due to a series of political reasons, he did not have the right reason to invite China. The arrival of Huang Zhen gave Sukarno the best opportunity.On December 25, 1954, the prime Ministers of Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Ceylon formally initiated the initiative of holding the Asian-African Conference in Bandung and extended formal invitations to 25 countries, including China.The news that New China had secured tickets to bandung infuriated the United States and Taiwan, especially Chiang Kai-shek, who ordered the assassination of Premier Zhou.After the Bandung conference was confirmed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began the intense preparatory work.As for the travel issue, since CAAC did not open routes with Indonesia and needed to transfer through Hong Kong, Nehru said he could lend his special plane Kashmir to the Chinese delegation. Considering security issues, Premier Zhou finally agreed to lease Indian aircraft.On April 11, 1955, the Chinese delegation flew to Hong Kong and then transferred to Kashmir to fly directly to Jakarta.No one expected that the foreign Ministry’s travel plans were informed by Taiwanese agents, who paid an airport cleaner to plant a time bomb on the Kashmir as it refuelled at the airport.The kashmiri exploded over the South China Sea at 6:30 p.m., killing all 11 members of the Chinese delegation and journalists.Fortunately, prior to his arrival in Hong Kong, Premier Zhou changed his itinerary to Go to Myanmar at the invitation of the Prime minister of Myanmar, which prevented a greater tragedy.After premier Zhou learned the tragic news of the plane crash, his mood was not calm for a long time. He was not glad to be alive, but deeply sorry for the members of the Chinese delegation who died.The Chinese delegation in view of the enemy’s crazy destruction, Luo Ruiqing suggested that Premier Zhou cancel the plan to attend the meeting, Premier Zhou did not agree, or according to the plan to fly to Indonesia.Just like the Geneva Conference, the Bandung Conference is still premier Zhou’s show to show the image of new China.During the seven-day conference, he participated in dozens of meetings and banquets, and conducted in-depth exchanges with other countries, especially the third world countries, laying a good foundation for the establishment of diplomatic relations in the future.Of course, it wasn’t all plain sailing.A group of countries led by Ceylon, egged on by the US, challenged the Chinese delegation.Facing this situation, Zhou enlai abandoned his prepared speech and made a supplementary one.On the afternoon of April 19, Premier Zhou took the stage and pointed out straight away that the Chinese delegation had come to seek unity, not quarrel.In his speech, Zhou enlai stressed seeking common ground while shelving differences, pointed out that different ideologies do not affect the unity of Asian and African countries, and indicated that China is willing and committed to establishing diplomatic relations with Asian and African countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.Premier Zhou, with his wise diplomacy, calmed the debate, won the respect and approval of other countries and reversed the prejudice of the outside world against the new China at one stroke.After the open session on the second morning of bandung, Indonesian Prime Minister Sukarno warmly invited eight chief delegates to his home, including Premier Zhou, who had been a shining star at the conference.After lunch the delegates met for a cup of coffee.When Premier Zhou was about to leave politely, the “tool man” of Ceylon, the Prime minister of The United States, suddenly walked up to premier Zhou with a fake smile on his face.Mr. Premier, how do you think the tension in Taiwan can be eased?After he asked the question, he quickly motioned with his eyes to several reporters nearby to gather around.All of his little actions were observed by Premier Zhou, as if he were watching circus clowns play tricks.Premier Zhou gently put down his coffee cup and said three words.”The Chinese people are friendly with the American people.The Chinese people do not want to fight with the American government.The Chinese government is ready to negotiate with the US government on the issue of easing tensions in the Far East, especially over Taiwan.”These three words embody new China’s aspiration for friendly exchanges and a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan question, and at the same time send a signal to the United States that China is willing to talk to the United States.Pakistan’s prime minister, who heard the remarks, said the statement would have a huge impact in easing tensions around the world.Zhou’s three-sentence statement was printed out to reporters after lunch by the host, The Indonesian prime Minister.This message of peace has been widely welcomed and supported by world public opinion since it spread to the whole world.The United States also responded positively to China’s message. Four months later, the two sides held their first ambassador-level diplomatic talks, turning a new page in china-us relations.You have to sigh, Premier Zhou really has unparalleled diplomatic wisdom.Apart from this incident, Premier Zhou’s diplomatic story is much more.On one occasion, premier Zhou hosted a banquet for foreign guests. In one of the winter bamboo shoots, the staff made a mistake in setting the plate, and accidentally turned the Traditional Chinese “swastika” characters into Nazi patterns.When the food was served, the audience was startled. Premier Zhou was slightly surprised for a moment, and then calmly said: It is not a fascist symbol, but a Chinese swastika character, which represents longevity and happiness. It is the best blessing to all the guests.Of course it doesn’t matter if he’s a fascist. We’re all destined to destroy him. Come on, let’s eat the fascist.All the guests burst into laughter, and for a while, the atmosphere of the banquet was wonderful.Premier Zhou’s quick thinking and light handling of an accident is admirable.Premier Zhou now, Premier Zhou has been gone for half a century, but the Chinese people’s respect and love for him has never weakened with the passage of time, but become more mellow.I believe that in the future, there will be more people and I will regard him as the most handsome male god in mind.