New Year’s Eve “big scatter coin”!Seller’s home with you happy New Year

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Produced by: The Seller’s Home Edited by Olivia John’s first year is a time for renewal.The annual New Year’s Eve, do not know this year you sellers friends have what New Year wishes?”Sellers wish wall” “Set a small goal, first make him 10 million.””The only solution is to get rich!””I want my brother-in-law to be nice to me!””I want a promotion, a raise, and a good date for next year!””I hope the weather will be good, the country will be peaceful and the people will be safe, and the world will be peaceful!”As a media platform that has been growing with sellers, the wish of the Year of the Tiger is: I hope all sellers’ wishes can come true!The coming year will be full!Single blasting!Single blasting!The New Year, a “good luck” to everyone, I wish all the seller friends, the year of the tiger tiger luck, laugh also often open!”Good!Cut the crap!Come with some sincerity!””Hold on hold on, the welfare surprise, is galloping to you!”The happiest thing is to receive a red envelope!Every New Year’s Eve, the major platforms of “coin type inside roll”, we can always be excited!It’s not!In order to give the seller friends for a good luck, this year to help you do a million red envelope strategy in advance, On New Year’s Eve let us have a happy heart with wool, thriving New Year!As the exclusive interactive partner of the China Media Group’s Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger 2022, is full of energy this year.In addition to the Spring Festival Gala interactive red envelope, there are a large number of real awards, the whole people share 1.5 billion red envelope good things!From Jan 24, people can book interactive activities of the Spring Festival Gala on’s App in advance.On January 31, the eve of The New Year’s Eve, open the JINGdong App “shake” and watch the party while sharing 1.5 billion red envelopes.From February 1 to 14, I participated in the activity of “Beating drums to welcome Spring” on JINGdong App, sending New Year’s greetings online and receiving welfare online.On The Lantern Festival, Feb 15, will continue to send special gifts, so stay tuned.It is reported that During this spring, Douyin will give away 2 billion yuan of red envelopes to the whole people!From January 25 to 31, participated in the activity of “Gathering Lunar New Year flavor” on Douyin APP and shared 700 million yuan in cash;Participate in “red envelope rain” and “fireworks” interaction, share 300 million cash.From February 1 to 6, open douyin Ultra Speed edition and participate in the “Warm Chinese Year” event to unlock more surprises.In terms of quick hand, this year’s Spring Festival activities are divided into warm-up venue and New Year’s Eve venue. From January 19, participating in various fun activities on kuaishou APP, you can share 2.2 billion red envelopes on New Year’s Eve.Open kuaishou APP, participate in the Spring Festival series of clearance activities, clearance will receive 36 yuan cash red envelope;10,000 users will get 666 yuan in cash before completing the card collection activity;Up to 6,666 yuan in cash will be awarded for participating in the “mobile phone flipping to welcome the God of wealth”.From February 1 to 20, Kuaishou will also welcome the “Year of the Tiger, Chasing the Winter Olympics” theme venue, during which people can open the Kuaishou APP, through a variety of ways to participate in the lottery.Baidu’s “Good Luck In China year 2022” campaign will bring in 2.2 billion yuan in red envelopes, according to baidu.During the Spring Festival, Baidu will also work with more than 10 enterprises including Meituan, Xiaohongshu and SF Express to connect with each other to create a one-stop Spring Festival service.From January 22, participants participated in relevant activities from baidu App, Baidu Speed version, Good video, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Web Disk, Baidu Map, IQiyi, YY Live, Baidu Big-character version and other portals, and received 2.2 billion yuan in cash as a gift.January 19 to 31, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival alipay collection of blessings as scheduled, the collection of five blessings can be divided into 500 million red envelopes at 10:18 PM on New Year’s Eve.It is understood that this year users set card play more rich, in addition to AR sweep, write the word “fu”, ant forest, etc., but also added a shake and life channel two access channels.Users who scan alipay to pay offline have a chance to get a Fuka, which can also be obtained in the Alipay mini program of more than 1,000 merchants.* The title of the article is from: Photo network, based on VRF protocol.