Open the door and accept admonition!Collusion yongding public security publicity work development, this “learning and sharing” value!

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Rednet moment Zhangjiajie, February 11 – (Correspondent Guo Ying) In the morning of February 11, Yongding Public Security Branch held the 2022 annual police public relations construction and public security publicity work symposium.Yongding Public Security invited the publicity department of the District Committee, the district Rong media center, representatives of media reporters and representatives of the masses to make suggestions and suggestions for the publicity work of the district public security.Gu Jihui, deputy head of yongding District People’s Government, Party Secretary and director of The District Public Security Sub-bureau, presided over the meeting. Tang Chenghai, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and political Commissar of the Sub-bureau, Li Xinshou, director of the Network information Office of Yongding District Party Committee, all team members of the sub-bureau, representatives of the units affiliated to the bureau and representatives of the police attended the symposium.”Set up rules and regulations, news reward mechanism, police media depth integration, the combination of introduction and go out, planning on the force…..”During the symposium, the participants spoke candidly and enthusiastically, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the publicity work of Yongding Public Security Bureau in 2022.After listening carefully to the representatives’ speech, Gu Jihui, on behalf of Yongding Public Security bureau, extended his heartfelt thanks to the representatives from all walks of life who have been caring and supporting the work of Yongding public security bureau for a long time.And pointed out that the first is to strengthen organizational leadership.Improve ideological understanding, improve service quality, focus on the center, serve the overall situation, reform and innovation, and strive to achieve the “height, depth and breadth” of public security publicity;Second, a clear goal orientation.Adhere to “serve the public security center work, serve the people” as the value pursuit and goal orientation of the public security publicity work, the publicity work and the key work organic combination, publicity around the work, publicity follow the public opinion, do a good job in the mass work, win the public praise;Third, deepen cooperation between media organizations.Public opinion is guided, positive energy is actively disseminated, and the construction of public security culture is promoted to flourish and develop, and the cultural publicity brand rich in yongding public security characteristics is explored and constructed.