The list of communication influence of New media of Shanghai government affairs in January was released

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Focus on the 2022 Shanghai TWO Sessions, the new media of government affairs based on positioning, online publicity to form a joint force;Pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control, pay tribute to the front-line personnel, government new media gather warm heart around the epidemic into positive energy;Actively participate in the online theme publicity of “Love life”, and strive to create a “warm spring” festival atmosphere.In January, a total of 51,120 articles were published by the municipal government’s new media on wechat, including 16,177 articles on wechat and 34,943 articles on Weibo.A total of 35,878 original articles were published on the two websites, with an original rate of 70.2%, up 2.6 percentage points from the previous month.District level list, Changning district, Fengxian district combined with the central work, strengthen content supply, ranking progress is obvious.In the list of commissions and organizations and people’s organizations, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the Civil Affairs Bureau are close to the people’s livelihood, serve the people’s livelihood, and effectively improve the influence of content release and communication.Among the ten Positive articles of this month, the topic was set up around the Two sessions of Shanghai and the Disabled Persons’ Federation combined with its main business.The municipal Health Commission and Yangpu District reminded the public to do a good job in scientific protection and cooperate with the epidemic control work. Fengxian District presented humanized measures in epidemic prevention, which attracted high attention from netizens.Around the hot spots such as Spring Festival Gala, Winter Olympic Games and Women’s Football Asian Cup, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Hongkou District and The Municipal Bureau of Sports took advantage of the situation and made great efforts to increase the influence of manuscripts communication.The original MV of the Police Festival presented by the Municipal Public Security Bureau was on the hot list. The Municipal Tax Bureau and the Municipal Women’s Federation reviewed the work of the year and reviewed the warmth and touching of 2021, and the manuscript gained attention.From January 19 to 23, the new media of government affairs fully promoted the online atmosphere of the Two sessions in Shanghai, and actively participated in the topic # Focus on the two sessions in Shanghai 2022 organized by the Municipal Network information Office, with the accumulated reading volume of the topic breaking 112 million times.Focusing on the motions and suggestions of the NPC, the proposals of the CPPCC, and the Report on the Work of the Government, the new media of government affairs actively convey the voices of the TWO sessions of Shanghai from the perspective of people’s livelihood, and present the vision of promoting economic and social development and building a people’s city in the future.In January, the Communist Youth League issued a document to explain the basis of epidemiological investigation around local epidemic prevention and control work, and songjiang district and Chongming District expanded the new regulations on the management of “14+7” overseas personnel in response to concerns;Yangpu district and Putuo District introduced medical and monitoring measures for the convenience of people in home quarantine, and calmed people’s hearts;Reports from jiading, Qingpu, Jinshan and Baoshan districts about the epidemic prevention and control workers have been heartening and resonating. Netizens in the comment section have expressed their understanding and support for the epidemic prevention work, saying, “Salute the heroes on the front lines!”During the Spring Festival, the Internet Information Office of the Municipal Party Committee organized the online theme publicity of “Love Life”, and the related topics of “Love Life” opened on tiktok, Sina Weibo, Toutiao and other platforms have been read 700 million times.District 16 and the commission and Administration Bureau actively participated in the new media of government affairs. The Municipal Transportation Commission and Jing ‘an District showed the temperature of Shanghai with pictures of road fire fighting and guard of unclaimed luggage.Municipal Public Security Bureau, municipal fire and Rescue corps to ordinary members of the daily, triggered netizens praise to stick to the post workers;Huangpu district, Pudong New District and Hongkou District are popular with netizens for their festive atmosphere featuring local delicacies.The list was jointly released by the Cyberspace Administration of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office.The data comes from the “Government Affairs New Media Communication Influence Assessment Platform” independently developed by the Cyberspace Administration Office of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. At present, the platform covers all channels of the whole network, including the data of 276 news clients, 251 news websites, 12 million wechat public accounts and more than 300 million Weibo accounts.Communication power list: it examines the situation of the wechat and Weibo of each unit’s government affairs being reprinted in various channels of the whole network.Influence list: it examines the reading, likes and comments of various government affairs on wechat and Weibo after they are reposted on various channels of the whole network.Additional points: it mainly reflects the participation of new government affairs media in the online publicity of positive energy. This month, it mainly participates in the publicity of epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai TWO sessions, Spring Festival and other themes.Column editor: Zhang Wu The author of this article: Shanghai Survey editor: Li Linwei Photo source: Visual China photo editor: Shao Jing