Yesterday xining high temperature broke through the extreme value of the same period

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In recent days, the sunny and hot weather in Xining has continued. On March 13, many people cried out, “It is getting hot!”How hot is it?The reporter learned from the municipal meteorological observatory that the highest temperature of xining station on The 13th was 23.1℃, breaking through the historical extreme value in mid-March.”It was so hot, but for the wind in the afternoon, it would have been just like summer. I changed my sweater into short sleeves!”Citizen Zhao Xin said.According to xining meteorological Station meteorologist Wang Jing, according to the meteorological data show that the highest temperature in Xining station (Xiaoyou Mountain in the north of the city) reached 23.1℃ on 13th, breaking through the historical extreme value in mid-March.The highest temperature in the downtown area was 25.5 ° C in Mt. Meilwon, 25.2 ° C in the downtown area, 24.8 ° C in the Northern part of the city, and 24.2 ° C in the western part of the city, the highest since March 8.In the next three days, the maximum temperature will drop due to the increase of clouds.Specific forecast for the next three days: March 14: Xining, cloudy, 0℃~20℃;Datong, cloudy, -4℃ to 19℃;Huangyuan, cloudy, -4℃~19℃;Huangzhong, cloudy, -1℃~18℃.March 15: Xining, Yin, 1℃~17℃;Large, Yin, -2℃~16℃;Huangyuan, Yin, -3℃~16℃;Huangzhong, Yin, 0℃~15℃.Mar. 16: Xining, Yin, 2℃~17℃;Large, Yin, 0℃~16℃;Huangyuan, Yin, -1℃~15℃;Huangzhong, Yin, 0℃~15℃.Meanwhile, Xining city meteorological station issued a yellow warning signal of gale in xining city at 15:10 yesterday: it is expected that in the next 12 hours, xining city will be more than level 7 gale, gusts of more than level 8.Relevant units and personnel should take precautions.Reporter Ning Yaqin statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: