A 1-0 lead, a 3-2 squeak!World preliminary magical battle: Inter front bully savior, Messi’s Nemesis resurrect

2022-04-25 0 By

Beijing time on February 2, 4: 30, the world preliminary round of South America division of the 16th round to continue, one of the unremarkable showdown, by Chile away against Bolivia.In the game, Sanchez scored twice as Chile won 3-2 in 90 minutes, bringing the former Messi Nemesis back to life.According to the latest FIFA rankings, Chile is currently ranked 24th, fourth in South America, while Bolivia is 77th, last in the region.Chile broke the deadlock 1-0 in the 13th minute with sanchez’s cutlass hanging straight from a free-kick.In the 36th minute, Bolivia won a corner kick and Nnuba equalized, 1-1!The balance was broken again in the 76th minute when Isla volleyed across the field and Marcelino Nunez followed with a drive to give Chile a 2-1 lead.In the 84th minute, it was Isla again, sanchez took advantage of the situation into the penalty area, using excellent ability to escape the Angle, right foot low shot into the far corner, Chile sealed the 3-1 victory.At this point, 33-year-old Sanchez harvest this world preliminary 6 goals, the 47th national team career, continue to expand in the team’s history of the top scorer’s advantage.After entering the 2022 season, Inter are showing a strong momentum.In the 87th minute, Moreno headed a goal to help Bolivia close the gap, 2-3!Moreno, 34, is Bolivia’s all-time leading scorer with 28 goals.But the rest of the game was a dead end, with Chile still winning 3-2.The 3-2 win gave Chile their first win of 2022 and ended a two-game losing streak in qualifying, shaking off a 2-1 defeat to Argentina to move them above Colombia and Uruguay into fifth place in the standings, one point behind Peru.It is well known that Chile once won the Copa America twice, but also messi’s Nemesis, the Argentine superstar beat mentality breakdown, once retired from the national team.But as time went on, Messi overcame his demons and won his first national team title, while Chile went into a slump.Bravo, 30, Fuensalida, 36, Medel and Vidal, 34, and Sanchez, 33, remain the backbone of the team, and the World Cup at the end of the year may be the end of their international career.