Beautiful reading woman “original author” Li Wei

2022-04-25 0 By

Reading woman, itself is a mysterious book, when she reads books, will always look back at his vast book.Reading women, more than a bright mind, more than a bit of quiet and deep;Reading women, educated, know light know heavy;Reading women, open-minded, rational fragrance;Reading women, give a person with a perfect combination of external beauty and internal beauty.The appearance of beauty plus the fragrance of books, talent and beauty, so that women in life tend to perfect.Reading women, contains knowledge, rational, open-minded;Reading women, more of a interpretation of life, the understanding of human feelings;Reading women, you can make this charming flower of their own incense over time, in full bloom.Savoring reading women, also as if savoring a charming book, lingering fragrance provoking drunk, blooming smile fans;Taste reading women, you will also read women’s feminine beauty, feel the refreshing, shocking tenderness.Taste reading women, is a comfortable, is a kind of enjoyment, is a kind of happiness;Taste reading woman, is a kind of rigid and soft;Taste reading woman, is a kind of rough and delicate perfect fit.Reading women, there is always a beautiful smell wreathed, there is always a soft fragrance filled;Reading women, there is always a lively and mysterious double temperament in it.Taste book woman, really beautiful, really beautiful!