Don’t expect too much snow, safe travel is the most important thing!Why are snowfall forecasts changing?

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For Jiangsu, January 28 will be the home of rain and snow, but according to the latest forecast of jiangsu meteorological station, compared with the early, rain and snow range before some south pressure, intensity is slightly weaker than the previous forecast, is expected to 28 in the southwest of Japan province, such as Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou and other places to heavy snow, local blizzard.The maximum snow depth in Jiangsu was about 5cm from Sunday to Sunday.Snow can be seen, but don’t expect too much, safe travel is the most important thing!On Friday, the rain turned to snow, but the intensity was weaker than the previous forecast. In the daytime of 27th, The Purple Mountain in Nanjing was already covered with snow, but it was still raining in most areas of the main city of Nanjing.Most parts of Jiangsu were covered with rain Monday night, except some areas of Xuzhou and Lianyungang.Moderate to heavy snow is expected in the southwestern part of Japan, with some heavy snowfall.In the southeast, rain turned to sleet with light to moderate amounts of rain and snow.Huaibei area cloudy to cloudy, other areas cloudy with small to medium snow.On 29th, rain and snow will weaken, and it will be cloudy to cloudy in the northern part of jianghuai and Huaibei areas, and light to moderate snow or sleet in other areas.The rain and snow are expected to end on Wednesday.For Nanjing, the biggest place to see the snow may appear in the south of Lishui, Gaochun area.In terms of temperature, during the rain and snow, the temperature in Jiangsu was relatively gentle without much fluctuation. However, after the rain and snow stopped, the low temperature was relatively low due to the influence of radiation cooling and snow cover. On 31st, the lowest temperature in most areas of Jiangsu was between -4℃ and -6℃.Snow forecast, why so complex a lot of people noticed, in recent days, the weather department for snow forecast has been in dynamic adjustment, this weather experts also carried out popular science.Snowfall is the form of precipitation under low temperature. Low temperature and water vapor must be properly coordinated, and the timing must be just right.Specifically, snowfall needs to meet the conditions of abundant water vapor, the air temperature at an altitude of 1500 meters is -3℃ to -4℃, and the air temperature near the ground is less than 2℃.The higher the altitude, the colder the temperature, so precipitation usually exists high up in the form of solid, snow or ice crystals;But if the snowflake is treated with hospitality and the temperature is above 0℃, it will melt as it falls and become rain when it hits the ground.This is nanjing often appear purple Mountain toutuo ling snow ai, but no snow under the mountain.Jiangsu meteorological station experts explained that our snow forecast in Jiangsu is relatively complex, mainly on the transformation of rain and snow phase.Jiangsu is in the easternmost part of the rain belt from west to east, and the rain belt itself is variable in the process of moving east.After accurately judging the location of the rain belt, temperature should also be considered. For Jiangsu, due to the difference in temperature, pure snow is usually dominant in the north, but rain and snow are usually mixed or rainy in the south.It is expected that on The 29th, the rain and snow phase in Jiangsu province will also change frequently. For example, in the southern part of Jiangsu province, it will be snow in the morning, rain after noon, and it may turn into snow again in the evening as the temperature drops.The wet and cold in the south will run through the Spring Festival holiday at present the warm and wet air transport is obvious, cold and warm air confrontation in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.This atmospheric circulation provides strong support for large-scale precipitation in central and eastern China. Therefore, a precipitation process with a wide range of influence and complex rain and snow phases has entered its peak period!The National Meteorological Center (NMC) continued to issue a yellow alert for snowstorm on Wednesday night. From Saturday night to Sunday, hubei, Hunan and Anhui provinces will be the center of heavy snowfall. The rain and snow will expand further to the east and south on Sunday, with anhui and Hunan still having heavy snowfall.It is expected that after this round of rain and snow, the precipitation will stop for a short time, but from February 1, southern China will see another rain, snow and freezing process, which is superimposed with this process, which is worth paying attention to.Frequent rain and snow will make the south wet and cold until the Spring Festival holiday, please pay attention to keep warm!For Jiangsu, on February 1, most areas will be mainly cloudy, rain and snow may come on February 2, “New Year”, please pay attention to the latest weather forecast issued by the meteorological department.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Yu Dandan proofread Sheng Yuanyuan