He began speaking as “head of state”

2022-04-25 0 By

Four days after seizing power, the head of Burkina Faso’s coup army, The Patriotic Movement for the Defence and Restoration (MPSR), Damiba, made his first public appearance.He addressed burkina Faso as head of state at 8pm local time on January 27th.Damiba said security remains the top priority and sufficient resources will be devoted to significantly reduce areas affected by terrorism and violent extremism.Damiba said consultations had begun with all actors, including outgoing politicians, “to identify the main lines that will lead us to a long-term consensus and inclusive decision to rebuild and restore lasting peace.”Mr. Damiba has promised a return to normal constitutional order within a limited timetable, and he is hoping for international support.He said he understood the legitimate doubts raised by such disruption, but “I want to assure all friends of Burkina Faso that Burkina Faso will continue to respect its international commitments, in particular respect for human rights.Similarly, the functioning of the judiciary will be ensured with strict respect for its independence.”Source | process of CCTV news editor: TF022