Nanning will fully implement the elevator paperless maintenance record

2022-04-25 0 By

Nanning Cloud — Nanning News (Reporter Tang Qiuyan correspondent He Zhengjun) February 10, from nanning Market supervision bureau learned that from March, nanning municipal administration will fully implement the paperless maintenance record of elevator, cancel the paper maintenance record of elevator.At that time, the city’s unified depends on nanning elevator Internet service and emergency rescue of public service platform (hereinafter referred to as: elevator cloud platform) in accordance with the “paperless elevator maintenance procedures” paperless maintenance work, and further enhance the effectiveness of the elevator maintenance work, scientific and authenticity, to ensure the quality of maintenance, improve the level of elevator safety.Learned, according to the nanning market supervision and administration of printing of nanning work paperless elevator maintenance implementation plan notice requirements, elevator maintenance unit should implement paperless maintenance record work in the city, inform the elevator unit using drive unit using accept, use paperless maintenance record.Guide the elevator users to record the elevator safety management personnel on the elevator cloud platform in time, accept the supervision of the elevator maintenance work by the safety administrator of the user, and timely remind the elevator safety management personnel to sign and confirm the paperless maintenance records.In the process of elevator maintenance, maintenance personnel should carry out paperless maintenance as required, and take photos and upload photos before and after maintenance in the machine room, car top, bottom pit and car “96111” emergency identification plate.If any fault is found in the elevator during maintenance, it shall be handled in time and recorded in detail.If any hidden danger is found, it shall inform the elevator management unit in time and put forward disposal suggestions;If the elevator is found to have serious potential accidents, it shall timely inform the elevator use management unit in writing and report in writing to the local special equipment safety supervision and administration department;Prepare emergency rescue plans, and conduct emergency drills at least once every six months for different types (types) of elevators maintained by the unit, so as to improve the quick response and scientific and effective disposal capacity to deal with emergencies;Arrange special personnel to manage the paperless maintenance records of the elevators maintained by the company, download them in time (within 10 days after each maintenance), and file them in accordance with the requirements of one elevator, one elevator, and save them (electronic files) for no less than 4 years.The elevator user shall earnestly fulfill the main responsibility for the safety of special equipment, support and cooperate with the maintenance unit to implement paperless maintenance records, and continuously improve the safety management level of the elevator through the application of information technology such as paperless maintenance of the elevator.The elevator user shall arrange special personnel to download, save, file and organize the paperless maintenance records of the managed elevator on a regular basis, and the retention period shall not be less than 4 years.The elevators managed by the company shall be inspected by themselves at least once a month, and any abnormal situation found during self-inspection and daily maintenance shall be handled in time.In addition, nanning municipal market supervision departments at all levels should promote the maintenance units within their jurisdiction to increase the application of paperless elevator maintenance and maintenance, and strengthen supervision and inspection of the units with lower proportion of paperless maintenance and maintenance.Those units that exceed the time limit as required by laws and regulations and safety technical standards shall be investigated and dealt with according to law.For the units that still adopt paper maintenance records after March 2022, it is planned to be included in the key objects of annual supervision spot check and daily supervision.The use units that have not implemented paperless maintenance should strengthen spot check to ensure that supervision is in place.(Written by Tang Qiuyan and He Zhengjun)