Poor thinking (14) : the whole process from poor to rich, don’t want to be poor all your life to see

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Do you consider yourself a poor person?If so, have you thought about changing your status quo and building your own wealth from now on?Read on for some ideas about wealth philosophy.A man bought 50 pairs of slippers with 100 yuan and sold them at a stall for 3 yuan each. He got 150 yuan in total.Another man is very poor and receives a monthly living allowance of 100 yuan, which he uses to buy rice, oil and salt.It’s the same 100 dollars, and the first 100 dollars have been added to the value of the business and become capital.The last 100 yuan doesn’t change anything in value, it’s just a living expense.The problem of the poor is that it is difficult for his money to change from living expenses to capital, and he does not have capital awareness and experience and skills in capital management. Therefore, the poor can only continue to be poor.Wealth philosophy: desire is the biggest motive force of life, only those who are full of desire for wealth and enjoy the fun of making money in the process of investment are likely to turn the cost of living into “the first capital”, at the same time, accumulate capital consciousness and experience and skills of capital management, and achieve final success.The first few years are the most difficult for a poor person to become rich.There is a law of wealth: for self-made people, if the first million took 10 years, then from 1 million to 10 million, maybe only 5 years, and from 10 million to 100 million, only 3 years is enough.This law of wealth tells us: Because you have a lot of experience and start-up capital, just like a car already running, speed has been added, just step on the accelerator, the car will fly.The first five years can be the hardest, but then it gets more and more fun and easier.Wealth philosophy: the poor not only have no capital, the bigger problem is that there is no capital awareness, no experience and skills in capital management.The poor will remain poor unless their money is capital.Poor people are a vulnerable group, never grasp the situation, most of the time even can not control themselves, let alone influence others.What the poor lack in investment is not just money, but the courage to act, the wisdom of thought and the motivation of financial intelligence.What is the poor’s most valuable resource?Not limited savings, not physical strength, but brains.It has always been said that thought is a valuable spiritual wealth. In fact, in our times, thought is not only spiritual wealth, but also material tangible wealth.An idea can give birth to an industry, or it can change a business activity like never before.Wealth philosophy: The most fundamental difference between people is not the height of fat or thin, but the management knowledge, financial management personality and capital ideas of the brain.A great man once said to the effect that the value of a person is not determined by how much he takes from society, but by how much he contributes.By contrast, distribution isn’t about how much you work, it’s about producing more value.The more you can labor, the more value you can create, and the higher your earnings are likely to be if you want to.Quality, not quantity, is the root of more work, and the most fundamental investment of the poor is in their own capacity.Wealth philosophy: When it comes to capitalists, the poor associate them with those who exploit the value of workers’ surplus labor and naturally have a resistance in their hearts.In fact, you can be a capitalist if you want to, and the capital market is open to everyone, including you.Education is the Biggest Investment Degree is only the proof of general education, school is only some comprehensive basic knowledge, people need to learn all their life.Wealth philosophy: Education is the biggest investment. For many poor people, their fate is closely related to their education level.For poverty is not a sin, but the poor have to suffer its consequences.6 Don’t Excuse Poverty with Luck Everyone has heard many stories about capital.For example, some old American woman bought 100 shares of Coca-Cola stock and held them for decades and became a multimillionaire.Some Chinese old lady, covering 10 years of deep development of the original stock, also became a super rich woman.The protagonists of the story are old ladies, clumsy, incredibly bent over to pick up a gold doll.Theoretically speaking, the investment of the American old woman and the Chinese old woman is successful, but for more people, there is little promotion value.Two old women with what can insist on wu?It’s not rational analysis, it’s not firm confidence, it’s ignorance, it’s either at the bottom of the case, it’s forgotten, or it’s luck.Poor people attribute many things to luck.Because luck is the best excuse to excuse your poverty.Wealth philosophy: in the age of commodity economy, everyone will have luck, and getting something for nothing is not only shameful, but also impossible.The reason why a man is entitled to income is because he has produced goods for society, and society has given him a return.There is a story about a king who wanted to thank a minister and asked him to make a condition.The minister said: “My request is not high, just put one grain of rice in the first checkerboard, two grains in the second, four grains in the third, eight grains in the fourth, and so on, until the 64 squares are filled.”Hearing this, the king laughed and asked for too little.Before long, the chessboard could not hold any more, so they changed to sacks, but sacks also failed, and changed to carts, but carts also failed, and the granaries were soon exhausted.A few meters of people tired faint countless, the grid is like a bottomless hole, how also fill dissatisfaction……At last the king realized that he had been cheated, for he would become a pauper without a grain of rice.When something grows geometrically, even from a small base, the results can be amazing.It is hard for the poor to develop, to get started, and even harder to persist.A few grains of rice, and you’ve lost your appetite.Can a thing of success, often lies in the last step.When the cardinal number accumulates to a certain extent, you just need to jump on the lattice and become a Buddha.Everything before this is paving the way, without the first grain of rice, there is no car behind the car, this process is long, but also difficult.But the world is full of intelligent people, knowledgeable people everywhere, but can really make a lot of money is few, knowledge into knowledge, only to marry with capital.Wealth philosophy: the rich rely on capital to make money, the poor rely on knowledge to get rich.With knowledge as the capital, barehanded fight the world, may rely on how to finance to complete your dream!Thus, there is a “basic standard” answer to the vexing question of wealth: How much money a person accumulates over a lifetime depends not on how much money they make or how much money they spend, but how they manage their money.This is the key to getting rich.