Shoptop and iPayLinks have reached a cooperation to help go to sea

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, Shoptop officially reached cooperation with iPayLinks, a global one-stop cross-border payment platform, to expand new options of payment channels, help Shoptop users better carry out cross-border business, and help Chinese brands successfully go overseas.IPayLinks is a global one-stop cross-border payment and fund settlement platform.It is committed to solving the pain points of capital receipt and payment in global business development for cross-border enterprises, and helping cross-border enterprises to carry out global capital receipt and payment, currency exchange and foreign exchange settlement and distribution in a safe and efficient manner.Based on its extensive business, iPayLinks has obtained the HIGHEST security certification in pCI-DSS LEVEL1 international card payment industry for 6 consecutive years, and has passed ISO/IEC27001 information security Management system certification and PWC compliance system certification.At present, the number of users in the network has exceeded 100,000, business covers 150 countries and regions, support 13 mainstream settlement currencies, in the world has 4 international licenses, set up 14 branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, the United States and so on.Based on iPayLinks’ strong risk control ability and one-stop payment ability, Shoptop’s cooperation with iPayLinks can bring more secure and convenient overseas experience to sellers.In the process of going to sea, product quality and service experience determine the order rate, among which payment is the most important part of service experience.Providing more payment solutions in the payment process can give consumers a better service experience, which can also help sellers promote conversion and increase revenue.Cooperation with iPayLinks and other professional payment platforms is a step forward for Shoptop in improving cross-border payment solutions, and also an important link for Shoptop to create one-stop independent station overseas solutions.At present, Shoptop has successively established cooperative relations with a number of cross-border and overseas payment platforms to build one-stop payment solutions for cross-border sellers, greatly improving the work efficiency and profits of sellers.In the future, Shoptop will continue to be open and deeply linked with more high-quality cross-border payment platforms to meet the needs of cross-border sellers at all stages and help independent websites go to sea without worry.