“The happiness of living in Qingdao is stronger”!Subway line 1 “full moon” : the passenger flow of line network increased by 30%

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Qingdao Daily Metro Line 1 “full moon” : line network passenger flow increased by 30% Line 2 Line 13 and 3 transfer stations passenger flow increase significantly, metro Line 1 opened, the whole city is like neighbors.On December 30, 2021, the southern section of Qingdao Metro Line 1 and the whole line were officially opened to traffic.At present, line 1 has been in operation for more than a month.Over the past month, line 1, with a total length of nearly 60 kilometers, has been speeding along the east and west coasts, connecting five urban districts and becoming an important choice for citizens to go green.The reporter learned from the Qingdao Metro Operation Branch that in the first month after the full line was opened, the daily passenger volume of Line 1 was 203,500 person-times. Through the transfer of line 2, Line 3, Line 8, Line 13 and other lines, the passenger flow of the whole line network increased significantly, and the total passenger volume of the whole line network reached 23.25 million person-times, a sequential increase of 29%.During the Spring Festival holiday that just passed (Jan 31 to Feb 6), Line 1 saw a total of 1.0619 million passengers, with an average daily number of 151,700.The top three stations were Qingdao Station (156,900 passengers), Taitung Station (148,000) and Qingdao North Station (115,700).Before the opening of the southern section of Line 1, Line 13, located in the West Coast New Area, was separated from the main urban line network.After the opening of the southern section of Line 1, Qingdao metro completed the key “jigsaw” of the loop and network. By transferring with Line 2, Line 3, Line 8, Line 13 and other lines, the network accessibility of subway line has achieved an unprecedented leap.In December 2020, after the opening of the northern section of Line 1, the transfer of Line 3 and Line 8 was realized at Qingdao North Railway Station.After the southern section of Line 1 was opened, the effect of subway network was released at an accelerated pace, and the passenger flow of the three new transfer stations (Taitong Station, Qingdao Station and Jinggangshan Road Station) increased significantly.Taitung Station serves as the transfer station of Line 1 and Line 2, with an average daily passenger flow of 66,800 and transfer passenger flow of 38,200.As the transfer station of Line 1 and Line 3, Qingdao Station has an average daily passenger flow of 41,000 and transfer passenger flow of about 17,500.Jinggangshan Road station, as a transfer station connecting Line 1 and Line 13, has an average daily passenger flow of 34,500 and transfer passenger flow of 19,500.For more than a month, Qingdao metro network operation organization is overall smooth and orderly.Among them, Line 1 increased significantly, with 5.7 million passengers.Among the existing lines, line 2 and Line 13 increase significantly, including: Line 2 carries 6.76 million passengers, Line 3 carries 6.98 million passengers, Line 8 north carries 910,000 passengers, Line 11 carries 1.2 million passengers, and Line 13 carries 1.7 million passengers.”Happier living in Qingdao” line 1 all series of district on the west coast, south, north, have, both chengyang district, and nanjing, Qingdao west coast of north station, automobile north station, bus station transport hub, such as medical, along the abundant education resources, on the west coast zone, Qingdao city center of shenyang, red island and built a fast public transportation between the “corridor”,Many people’s lives have been changed by this line.Mr. Zhang, who lives near Li ‘li Station in the West Coast New Area, works in a shopping mall in Li Cun. In the past, transportation was not convenient, so he had to rent a house near his work unit and went home only on weekends.After the southern section of Line 1 opened, he returned the apartment he rented in Li Village. “Now it is very convenient to commute by subway every day. I can go home every day, and the commuting time is less than one hour.””Before we couldn’t come downtown once a month, now we can come downtown several times a week.”Sun Junmei, a resident of the West Coast New Area, was taking a selfie with a low-flying seagull with her mobile phone when we met her at the Zhanqiao scenic area during the Spring Festival.Line 1 connects the business circle along Yangtze Road, Qingdao Railway Station and Zhongshan Road business circle, North Taitung business circle, Sifang Liqun business circle and western residential area, Licang traffic business circle and Banqiao residential area in western Licang, Zhengyang Road business area and urban area in Chengyang, becoming a “golden line” running through the city.During the Spring Festival, the reporter saw at The Taitung Station of Line 1 that many people took the subway from Licang, Chengyang, west Coast new district and other places to go shopping in Taitung. There were also many people carrying shopping bags and returning from the Taitung station by subway.”In the last month, our customers have doubled and our daily sales have skyrocketed.”Sun, who runs a clothing store in Taitung, told reporters excitedly.The reporter learned from the south traffic police department that after the opening of the southern section of Line 1, the number of vehicles passing through jiaozhou Bay tunnel has decreased significantly, and the scene of congestion in the tunnel has been greatly reduced.At the end of January, Qingdao traffic police optimized the dividing line between vehicles and lanes in the tunnel for the third time, adding variable road sections to further improve the lane utilization rate of jiaozhou Bay tunnel, balance the traffic flow of each lane, and prevent and reduce road traffic accidents.Four tunnel buses, including Tunnel 2, Tunnel 4, Tunnel 5 and Tunnel 7, which have been operating for more than 10 years, will be suspended from January 1, while five routes, including Tunnel 1, Tunnel 3, Tunnel 6, Tunnel 8 and Qingxi Express line, will remain.The bus tunnel route, which originally connected the traffic “aorta” between Qingxi and Qinghai, has become the “capillary” serving the subway aorta.City transport holding bus tunnel two party branch secretary Zhu Peng introduced, in the past, every weekend and holidays, in close proximity to the subway line 3 Qingdao station lanshan road bus station, waiting to take the tunnel bus passengers have to queue up.Since the opening of Line 1, the phenomenon of “crowding” on the site has largely disappeared.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Zhou Jianliang)