The innovative leadership of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala is worth looking forward to

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Fu Hu New Year, happy auspicious.The China Media Group held a press conference on the 2022 Spring Festival Gala.A number of innovative highlights of the gala were introduced in detail.In the innovative practice of constructing the strategic pattern of “5G+4K/8K+AI”, the Spring Festival Gala of 2022 will actively apply a number of cutting-edge scientific and technological means to make the Spring Festival Gala a big stage for the media innovation display.8K ultra high definition TV is the highest TV standard in the world today. TFC is both a participant in the formulation of this standard and a practitioner in the application of this standard.After one year’s efforts, the 8K ultra HD TV standard has completed the construction of 8K production, broadcasting, transmission and presentation of the whole link system.This year’s gala will be broadcast live on CCTV-8K ultra HD channel.At the same time, it will also light up the city through “hundreds of cities and thousands of screens”, and build a new spatial media communication matrix by the integration of “8K ultra HD channel + landmark large screen”.It is worth mentioning that the audience can listen to the TV accompaniment synchronized with the 8K ultra HD large screen through the micro program of “Baicheng Thousand Screens Walkman”, so as to realize the ultra hd, dazzling and real audio-visual feast in front of the outdoor large screen.This year’s Gala is the first to use LED screens to create a 720-degree dome that integrates the auditorium with the main stage.The LED screen of 4,306 square meters constitutes a highly extensible three-dimensional studio space, breaking through the limitation of space. For the first time, the sound amplification system is designed by multi-point sound amplification in different regions, and the volume and delay of speakers in each region are precisely controlled, creating a good listening environment for the audience.In addition, 130 4K cameras are set up in the studio hall. Through the real-time processing and production of video streams collected, video content with wonderful free perspective such as “space-time condensation” and “multi-dimensional transformation” can be watched continuously, fully meeting the audience’s personalized immersive viewing needs.The platform also makes full use of XR and AR virtual vision technology, holographic scanning technology and 8K naked eye 3D presentation technology, etc., to break through the limitations of time and space and bring lifelike three-dimensional images to the audience.The AI multi-mode motion capture system is used to collect the motion track and shape of the actors, and the AI algorithm is used to calculate the 3d coordinates of the actors’ shape image in real time, so that the digital model and actors can complete the action performance synchronously, efficiently and accurately, and create a magical visual effect of virtual and real interaction.”2022 Spring Festival Gala” adheres to the main tone of “joy, auspicity and beaming”, upholds the creation principle of “Integrity, innovation and innovation”, pays attention to the organic combination and mutual transformation of thought, art and technology, and strives to show the real and simple life with rich program forms.In the festive and warm atmosphere to highlight the reunion, reunion, unity of the New Year.Both the audience familiar with the evening language classes, dance classes, and quyi, acrobatics magic kinds of programs, and full of innovation and integration of high-tech means of creative class program, build a family, happy with thick atmosphere, but also to show the world China looks new, Chinese around the world celebrate the traditional festival celebration of colour.Language programs immerse the heart, feelings and thoughts into daily life, and strive to show a variety of life through different perspectives.There are warm comedies that reflect the deep love between father and son and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, stories that satirize dishonest behavior, and crosstalk shows that learn who looks like who…Let everyone feel colorful life in knowing laughter.The song and dance program will present a series of soulful works to show true feelings and the magnificent picture of The Times, and promote and inherit the fine traditional Chinese culture.Among them, there are carefully composed new songs and familiar classical melodies, which fully show the innovation, beauty and forging ahead of China in the new era.On New Year’s Eve, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast on CCTV comprehensive channel, Variety Channel, Chinese International Channel, National Defense and Military channel, children’s channel, agricultural and rural channel, Olympic Channel, 4K/8K ULTRA HD channel and other TV channels,As well as radio stations such as RADIO Of Literature and Art, Radio of Music, Classical Music radio, Radio of greater Bay Area, Radio of South China Sea, Radio of Taiwan, Radio of Mandarin Worldwide and China Traffic Radio.At the same time, CCTV Video, CCTV news new media,, Cloud listen and other new media platforms broadcast simultaneously.CGTN channels in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian, as well as its new media platform in 44 languages, will link up with more than 600 media from more than 170 countries and regions to broadcast and report the Gala live.Start from “new” and devote yourself to it.In the next few days, the podium will carefully polish every program and spare no effort to create a successful, wonderful and unforgettable Spring Festival Gala. With a well-prepared dinner, we will create a happy and auspicious Chinese New Year.Let’s meet Spring Festival Gala, go to spring together!Source | editor | Wang Xuan duty director | Liu Yuwei duty chief editor | Xiao Xingji