Warriors state is cold, jazz sheng invited hot pot banquet, pu ‘er tea is difficult to clear heat and fire

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Strong warriors on the road against the jazz, the opening loonie kill the basket, wiggins and potter hits three points, the jazz hit inside finally score, conley dry pull pull into three, o ‘neal and bogdan two record after three dozen warriors, stabilize the situation in two dozen board, o ‘neal take the three points and then, over the warriors lead 1 first quarter, second quarter back,PASCAL cut, successful, & the second stroke, abandoning clarkson strong 2 + 1, garage 3-pointers, bogdan three points again, & poor’s three points on the renewal, bogdan and mouth elder brother also racked up three, garage borrow a loonie feet hit and roll end of the half-court game Sir 55-49 warriors, started the third quarter wiggins and toss it takes,& poor’s three cent cent difference reduced to 1 minute, garage and then came up and stop playing games, Mitchell & dry up, pull wiggins hoop, library Ming flying dunks, bogdan 2 + 1, three jazz big lead over, the last section conley against the defense also into, clarkson, Mitchell and conley fairy ball have thrown, competition has entered the waste of time,Match the jazz 111-85 victory over golden state warriors Warriors game this as if is a microcosm of the season, once the warriors in the first quarter the opening smoothly, to must be behind the wave up, cause they lose the game, the warrior unique charm, the first section, the warriors will hit the perfect start of 0-9, but three points was Sir Several instant hit,Warriors today on the offensive end, soup god dwell team once again exposed, the jazz for double garage is in place, Treasury had 16 points, only the team’s three scorers s&p and wiggins also scores are not able to 20, the team score is in trouble, but also the absence of the green to make loonie for passing a part of the task,Will be a very good but the loonie doesn’t ball, the ball on the loonie hand completely stalled, the defensive end warriors inside are indeed been ringing off the hook, the impact of the loonie is able to withstand the white lace today, whether it’s height, arm exhibition or jumping ability loonie not almost two points, the warriors today is also a perimeter guard inside and keep,The nine games they have been a blow, warrior or really need green and wiseman such presence, not only can help the team’s interior defense for the impact of the insider, the warriors belongs to team tactics is very complex, they need to return the passer green, otherwise the team easily run not away tactics, tend to bring the team’s offensive to a halt,I had to force my shots.The jazz had been three points too, whether Mitchell, bogdan or conley, the jazz everyone can go to the 3-pointer, they are, once let warriors double after one of them, it is an opportunity to open, it is to give all to Utah, let alone the jazz white border guard that the rim today, no problem for the warriors to send out 7 blocks,Came to his season-high, jazz today’s post up to 48 points warrior only 20 points of such a huge gap, it is hard not to lose, mighty jazz adapted to the gerber is out of the court, his team’s approach to victory, and white border defense also demonstrated, when the jazz team will warriors Nemesis in the playoffs.