Fujian Revolutionary Military Museum held a donation ceremony to receive nearly 100 cultural relics

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Military radio receiver, flashlight, pen holder used by General Wang Zhi, former deputy political commissar of Fuzhou Military Region.On February 25, the cultural relics donation ceremony of fujian Revolutionary Military Museum was held at the bureau of veteran cadres of fujian Provincial Party Committee. Major General Shi Jianguo, deputy political commissar of Fujian Provincial Military Region and deputy leader of the military Museum construction working group, attended the donation ceremony and made a speech.During the donation ceremony, fujian Revolutionary Military Museum received a military radio receiver used by General Wang Zhi, former deputy political commissar of Fuzhou Military Region, a table lamp used by Kuomintang army captured by General Liao Haiguang, former deputy political commissar of Fuzhou Military Region, and a leather box used by General Huang Feng, former director of political Department of Air Force of Fuzhou Military Region.Liao Jiangshan, deputy chief of staff of the former Headquarters of fujian Military Region, sent his wife and daughter a letter of blood when he took part in the war, the weight used by the Red Army in the Soviet period, 122 rockets used by the Garrison of Fujian, and other nearly 100 cultural relics, which are heavy in weight and high in display value.It is reported that the construction of fujian Revolutionary Military Museum has received extensive attention and strong support from all walks of life since it was launched in October 2020.At present, we have completed the compilation and review of the exhibition outline, collected more than 5,000 cultural relics and more than 600 volumes of military historical materials, and made great progress in the venue selection, leading the country in all aspects of work. We plan to start the main project construction by the end of this year, and complete and open the museum by the end of 2025.According to the introduction, the Fujian Revolutionary Military Museum will be open to the public for a long time to collect revolutionary military relics, mainly including historical relics reflecting ancient and modern military activities related to Fujian,The historical relics and historical materials of the revolutionary struggle led by the CPC in Fujian, as well as the historical relics and relevant clues that reflect the national defense and military construction, participation in local economic construction and joint construction of the troops stationed in Fujian since the founding of new China.The categories include ancient and modern military affairs, revolutionary activities, military operations, military history videos, military figures, certificates of honor, revolutionary life, national defense construction, special tasks and other cultural relics and historical materials that can reflect fujian’s military history and culture and important historical events.Source: southeast Net