The Chinese teacher interprets the content and deep meaning of the 9th to 12th difficult in the journey to the West

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Everybody is good!The first two I read the “ninety-eight difficult” in the first to the eighth difficult, respectively is :1, jincicada was dismissed 2, out of the birth of a few kill 3, the full moon cast river 4, seek revenge 5, out of the city to meet the tiger 6, fold from the pit 7, double fork ridge 8, the two mountains today I read is the ninth to the eleventh difficult.Steep stream replacement horse Tang Sanzang and Sun walker came to the snake plate mountain eagle sorrow stream.The little white dragon of eagle Sorrow Stream tried to rob the elder, but the elder was carried away by sun Walker, who was quick and quick-eyed.Tang Sanzang tears for the white horse is eaten, Sun Walker angrily called master “pus.”At this moment, there came in the sky the six ding and six jia, the five gaedi, the four Merit cao and the eighteen protector Galan, who were sent by Guanyin bodhisattva to protect the Tang Sanzang.Sun Xing asked some of them to keep their master safe while he went to the Yingchou Stream to ask the white dragon for horses.Sun walker and small white dragon bet a fight, small white dragon beat sun Walker, but hide in the bottom of the stream, no longer head.Tang Sanzang grab white walker “dragon fu Tiger” means, walker angrily turned eagle sorrow stream.The little white dragon had to struggle with the walker for a few rounds, and then it became a water snake, into the grass.Walker can not find the small white dragon, call out when fang land and this place mountain god, inquire about the small white dragon’s origin.The land and mountain god offered to invite Avalokitesvara bodhisattva for help, and Golden Head Gaedi volunteered to invite Avalokitesvara.Avalokitesvara bodhisattva came to snake panshan. The traveler complained that the bodhisattva tricked him into wearing a flower hat. The bodhisattva said that only by using this “tight hoop mantra” could the traveler enter the Buddhist gate.The bodhisattva called Jadi “Ao Ran Dragon King jade Dragon third Prince” and came out. The little white dragon turned into a portrait and thanked the bodhisattva for saving his life.The bodhisattva picked the pearl under the little white dragon’s neck and turned it into a white horse. She told it to be the footwork of Tang Sanzang.The little white dragon agreed.The traveler does not want to go to the west, the Bodhisattva soothing words, let him bitter grinding “should call every day, call the spirit of the ground”, difficult to escape personally to save, picked three willow leaves, into three life-saving hair.The traveler was glad to answer.The god of Luoga Mountain was sent by bodhisattva to saddle and harness his arms.Night was burned by fire tang Sanzang and the traveler came to guanyin Temple for lodging, 270 years old old hospital Lord let the boy servant with exquisite tea set to master and apprentice pour fragrant tea.Tang Sanzang praise “delicious food beautiful instrument”, old courtyard Lord ask Tang Sanzang have baby, Tang Sanzang say east earth have no baby, the traveler say the cassock in the bundle is baby, attract many monk sneer not.The Lord of the old courtyard had twelve chests carried out to show off his cassock.The traveler let them put it away, to take out the master’s cassock to see them, Tang Sanzang quietly stop, advised the traveler not to fight with people rich, greedy and dishonest people see rare treasure, will be tempted to design, murder.Thinking that nothing would happen, the traveler hurriedly unpacked the bundle and won praise from the monks.The old courtyard Lord saw the brocade cassocks, as expected the wicked heart germinating, on the excuse that it was late, his eyes dim, begged Tang Sanzang to give it to yourself carefully look at a night, tomorrow morning back.Tang Sanzang complains walker, walker doesn’t care, Tang Sanzang had to pass the cassock to the old courtyard Lord.Old courtyard Lord cheat cassock, cry loudly to it.One is called “wide wisdom” the small monk offer a plan: kill tang Sanzang teacher and apprentice, sought white horse and travel bag, leave cassock as a family heirheredity, old courtyard Lord rejoice to approve.Another young monk named “Guangmou” didn’t think this was a good idea. He thought the monks were a bit troublesome, so it would be better to abandon the three halls and set them on fire.All the monks approved of this “clever plan”.The lost monk is a monkey spirit, heard outside the footsteps, it becomes a bee, observe the movement.The traveler found that they were carrying firewood and setting fire to the temple. He wanted to kill them, but afraid of master’s criticism, he went to the South Gate of Heaven and borrowed a fire cover from King Guangmu to cover master, white horse and luggage. He sat on the abbot’s roof to protect his cassock.The walkers breathed in and blew on the fire, which spread rapidly and the monks cried bitterly.There was a black wind mountain nearby, and there was a black wind cave in the cave. When the devil wanted to put out the fire, he found a brilliant cassock. He robbed and took it away.Old courtyard Lord can not find cassock, the temple house was burned, heard the monks let him take out cassock, he was in a dilemma, had to hit the wall and death.The traveler asked if there were any monsters nearby, and the Lord told him that there was a black Lord who was on good terms with the old Lord.Before leaving, the walker smashed the brick wall to frighten the monks into serving the master and guarding the white horse.The walker and the bear were tied for more than ten rounds.Walker killed a small demon to send an invitation, dressed as jinchi elders (old house Lord), to participate in the “Buddha clothing meeting”.Bear monster feel golden pool elders come too fast, think is the walker called golden pool elders to ask cassock, he hid cassock.Patrol mountain demon reported that the walker killed the demon sent invitations.The walkers and the bears fought for half a day in a tie.Those who went to the South China Sea to find Guanyin Bodhisattva, framed the bodhisattva to allow bear bears to live near the Guanyin Temple, let him steal the surplice.Guanyin rebuked the walker for showing off his treasure in front of the little man, and called the wind to help the fire, and burned the temple.The traveler admitted his mistake and asked Guanyin bodhisattva to help him. For tang’s sake, the bodhisattva agreed to go.On the hillside, they met the bear’s friend Ling Xuzi, who had brought two grains of elixine to celebrate the bear’s birthday.Walker beat Ling Xuzi to death, mention a look, turned out to be a grey Wolf.The traveler ate a grain of elixanth first, and then became a slightly larger grain of elixanth, ask Guanyin Bodhisattva to become a Taoist Ling Xu son, the larger grain of elixanth to bear monster to enjoy.The devil was about to swallow when the potion rolled into his stomach and the monster fell to the ground.The Bodhisattva showed his true self and took back the Buddha clothes from the monster. Then he threw a “tight band” on the monster’s head and took him to Mount Luoga, where he was appointed the great god of guarding the mountain behind the monster.1, team members blame each other, will only lead to estrangement.If you want to know local things, ask the local people.Knowing the truth is half the battle.Wealth is not white, don’t fight with others rich, don’t show off.Greed is not enough snake swallow elephant, interest faint evil read, as contentment heart enron.Bodhisattvas, goblins, always a read.The mind is good or evil only in an idea.All roads lead to Rome. Solutions vary from person to person.Thank you for your reading support!What else do you think is the significance of these three disasters?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.