To cure greed, we should use the word “shed”

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Most of the time, too much desire, too strong into greed.If you have more money, you still want more; if your official position is bigger, you still want more; if your house is wider, you still want more; if you become famous, you still want to be more famous.Greed is like drinking salt water. The more you drink, the more salty you want to drink.When greedy desire overrides human reason, overrides all pursuits of life, it becomes the source of blocking happiness.Greed has the wildness, courage, violence, strangeness and strength of a tiger.Once the brain is filled with greed, people will be eager to try power, money, wealth, material and even lust, just like tigers, regardless of justice, moral justice, father-son love, and friendship.This kind of greed, is not life’s disease?The Buddha once said, “If you have much karma, you will have much, and if you take little karma, you will have little.If you want to get rid of pain and worry, you must abstain from greed.But getting rid of corruption is not easy.As the saying goes, “Heart disease also needs heart medicine.” Those who seek liberation must stay away from the fire of desire and use the word “give up”.For example, if the money earned from making a living is used for supporting parents, educating children and family expenses, the poor, sick and lonely can be given compassion tzu Chi or donated to social welfare, that is, compassionate charity.Give up more, less desire, no matter what situation we are in, our soul will inhabit in a free and harmonious spiritual home.Of course, no matter how big or small, no matter how much, no matter if you give up a penny or hundreds of millions of dollars, you should be like a burning candle. The purpose is to benefit all living beings, and you do not ask for anything in return, as long as others get light is enough.Only in this way can we really get rid of all the addictions such as greed, hatred, ignorance, selfish narrowness and power desire, and thus have a bright state of mind, a magnanimous mind, a comfortable life and quiet happiness.