Tomorrow valentine’s Day, it is better to give your lover 5 kinds of delicious flowers, beautiful and delicious, on the table everyone praise

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Tomorrow valentine’s Day, it is better to give your lover 5 kinds of delicious flowers, beautiful and delicious, warm and affordable!Tomorrow is the 14th of the first month, is the annual Western valentine’s Day, in recent years also popular in our country.On this special day, many young couples will go out to date, watch movies, go shopping, have dinner and so on. Boys will send a bouquet of roses to show their loyalty.But for people our age, sending flowers is not as good as cooking for your loved one at home. It’s not only delicious, it’s cheaper than going to a restaurant.And now is a special time, we try not to go out, united as one to fight the epidemic.So, what should we do at home?At home, we can do 5 kinds of delicious food according to the family’s hobbies, sweet, salty, wine, noodles, still can have a romantic and warm Valentine’s Day, let’s do it together.Steak and wine.On Valentine’s Day, many couples will choose to eat western food, red wine and steak is a must.These we can also do at home, in the New Year prepared goods, just have not finished eating steak, take out to fry, and pour a glass of red wine to the family, eating delicious steak, drinking good red wine, the family talk and laugh together, much more warm than in the western restaurant.Main ingredients: steak, edible oil, salt, lemon, light soy sauce, spices, mushrooms, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, bitter chrysanthemum and other vegetables.Procedure: 1, after the steak is washed, add the seasoning and marinate.Wash lettuce, cherry tomatoes and bitter chrysanthemum.Wash mushrooms and broccoli and blanch.2, prepare a pan, brush with a little olive oil, add steak, fry until golden brown on both sides, cooked to your liking.3, put the fried steak on the plate, and then put the mushrooms, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, bitter chrysanthemum on the plate to decorate, both beautiful and delicious.Two, qiao fruit.On Valentine’s Day, people have the habit of eating qiaoguo, which is passed down from the Chinese Lunar Tanabata Festival. Now some people take it out for sale on this Valentine’s Day, which has the meaning of yearning for love.Qiaoguo can be made with flour or glutinous rice flour, depending on your preference.Main ingredients: flour, sesame, sugar, edible oil.Steps: 1, put the flour into a large bowl, add sugar and sesame seeds, stir well, then add warm water, knead to make a smooth dough.2, then roll the dough into a thin piece of dough, cut the piece into the same size square, take two pieces of dough overlap, cut a hole in the middle, a head through the middle, two pinch, a qiao fruit green is done.3, heat the oil in the pot, heat the oil into the fruit, fry until golden and crisp, can be out of the pot.Three, chocolate.Chocolate represents romance and sweetness. On Valentine’s Day, boys will give roses to girls to express their love, symbolizing pure love, while girls will give chocolates to boys to show their sweet love.So it’s all about chocolate, but you can also make chocolate at home, and it’s really easy, and it’s beautiful and it’s delicious, and it’s amazing.Ingredients: Chocolate sauce, Cointreuse wine, butter, cocoa powder.Procedure: 1, put the chocolate sauce into a cup, steam until melted, add butter, stir well, then take out the cup, pour in the Cointreuse wine and stir well.2. Pour the mixed chocolate sauce into the mould, which is oiled in advance and lined with oil paper, and smooth it out.Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.3. When the chocolate is solid and hard, remove the baking paper from the mold, cut the lines, cut into long squares with a heated knife, put the pieces into the cocoa powder, coated with thick cocoa powder, and serve.Noodles.Valentine’s Day to eat noodles, is also a lot of small partners like, long noodles are not only delicious and affordable, but also long long meaning, whether mixed noodles, noodles in soup, fried noodles, are very good, with the steak above, really delicious.Main ingredients: noodles, edible oil, salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, coriander.Procedure: 1, in a pot of boiling water, add noodles, cook until noodles float.2, while cooking noodles, we add salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, hot oil in the bowl, stir well.3. Remove the cooked noodles, mix them well in the sauce and serve.Five, cake.Valentine’s day is between lovers or couples mark sweet moment, on this day, it is necessary to eat something sweet, soft sweet cake is a favorite of the girls, so on this day, be sure to a beloved cake for families, fine craftsmanship can do tiramisu, matcha cake, marca dragon, etc., I do this not line, simple steam for a cake.Main ingredients: flour, egg, sugar, corn oil.Steps: 1, separate the egg white from the yolk, add flour and corn oil to the yolk, stir well.2. Add sugar to egg whites, beat with a whisk, then mix well with egg yolks, pour into molds, cover with plastic wrap.3. Boil water in a steamer, put it into a mold after boiling, steam for 40 minutes, turn off the heat, and stew for a while.This Valentine’s Day do not go out, do not go to a restaurant, at home to cook food, delicious affordable and warm!What to eat on Valentine’s Day?Are you going to eat out or cook at home?You are welcome to leave your comments in the comments section and share with Aixi.Thanks for reading, and the food is updated every day.Today’s share here, feel useful point a like, welcome to forward so that more people see, finally don’t forget to pay attention to, we see again tomorrow.For more highlights, follow aixi talk About Life