Two hospitals in Songjiang have welcomed the first cry of the Year of the Tiger with the birth of a “tiger baby”

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The bell of the Spring of the Year of Yin tiger has just sounded, and the “tiger babies” can’t wait to come.On New Year’s Day, songjiang District Central Hospital and Songjiang District Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital welcomed their first batch of tiger babies.A baby boy weighing 3,600 grams was born at 2:34 a.m. on The first day of the Lunar New Year in Songjiang District Central Hospital.This is citizen Zhu Yun’s second child.Waiting at the door of the delivery room, Zhu Yun husband learned that mother and child are safe, happily told reporters that the couple have children in pairs, together into a “good” word.He also told reporters that the baby arrived a little earlier than expected, I thought it would have to wait a little longer, but unexpectedly, on the first day of the Year of the Tiger, the healthy “tiger baby” can’t wait to meet his parents.”I think bao Bao has a good sense of timing and sent us a gift on Chinese New Year’s Day.”Zhu Yun told reporters.Early in the morning, zhu Yun made a video call to her daughter, who had been waiting at home, and her newborn brother.”I hope when the baby grows up, he can be a stable man and protect his sister.”ZhuYun said.Early morning 5:28 minutes, area maternity and child health care hospital also ushered in this year’s first “tiger baby”, coincidentally, is also a baby boy, the same earlier than the expected date of delivery.The birth of the child to mother Shi Jinyan brought a huge surprise.”I was born on February 1, too. It’s a coincidence that the baby shares my birthday.Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year and he is the first baby born in the hospital.Shi jinyan said she named her baby Linlin “because tiger is the ‘king of the forest’ and hoped he would be as healthy and independent as tiger.”What is particularly heartwarming for new mothers and their families is that both hospitals have prepared tiger dolls for babies born on the first day of the lunar New Year to share the joy with families who welcome new babies and add a special flavor of the Lunar New Year to the delivery room.Text and pictures: Li Tianwei Editor: Xue Liangliang, Xu Ping, Zhou Yuwei