Winter Olympic City tour | feel the historical and modern exchange dialogue, visit huailai Chicken Ming Station

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# passion games meet # 2022 in hebei zhangjiakou media reception for Chinese and foreign media reporter launched “, the games, the torch “, “historic civilization, integration involved problems.the zhuolu accumulation”, “wine in the guanting chicken calls,” such as article 20 fine line, by Chinese and foreign media reporter, all-round, multi-angle, show the world the unique charm of the city of the games are in zhangjiakou.Guarding the throat of western Beijing and witnessing the smoke of history, jiming Yi Ancient City, located in Huailai County, Zhangjiakou, is known as the “living fossil” in the field of China’s postal history and a national treasure containing history, art, science, culture and other elements.Walk together the square city – “Jiming Mountain Station”.Jiming station back jiming Mountain, named after the mountain, due to the city.In 1219, Genghis Khan led his troops to the west and opened a post road on the main road leading to the West city, setting up “station Chi”, namely post station.To Ming Yongle eighteen years, the expansion of the ji Ming Post office into the Beijing division of the first station.Longqing four years brick city, the city perimeter 2330 meters, 12 meters high wall, set up the east and west two doors.Looking down from the gate tower, a broad road about 15 meters wide led to the west gate, straight and wide, without any barrier.Can think of that year post night hold torch fire, pegasus post, pedestrians avoid, shop people out of the emergency spectacular scene.Jiming post layout “three horizontal two vertical”, 5 through the east and west, north and south streets will post city according to the “well” word uneven divided into 3 areas 9 12 pieces.The east-west Toudaojie area is mainly the military and political management and commercial service area, the south-north Xijie area is the core facilities of the post station, the post depot area in the northeast, the post school district in the north, and religious buildings throughout the city.Today, after careful maintenance, crow yi reproduce the style of the ancient city, has attracted a large number of tourists from home and abroad, especially as the “museum of Chinese yi YouYi chicken calls” and “yi” cultural theme post office formal completion, visitors can still photographs, old items one by one, and gold pieces treasures stamps, feel the ancient and modem YouYi culture more deeply.Source: Hebei Travel TV