You love the “spring vegetables” line up on the table, among which these “game” need not eat meat pain

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With the temperature rising all the way up, a series of seasonal vegetables produced in spring have begun to “line up” on the table of wuhan people.Jimonews reporters visit found that more than 10 kinds of seasonal vegetables in the late winter and early spring when a small amount of market, high prices are now significantly increased supply, among which the most popular wild vegetables also have more choices, the price is lower than earlier.Vegetable experts introduced that the level of vegetable planting in local facilities in Wuhan is constantly improving, and the production time, quantity and varieties of seasonal vegetables are changing in a positive direction.As the temperature, light and rain gradually stabilize in spring, citizens can eat more vegetables in spring, and the price will continue to improve.On March 13, 2019, people filled their baskets with spring vegetables at a fresh food market near Wangjiawan in Hanyang district.In addition to household leafy vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, bok choy, lettuce, cabbage heart and so on look pleasing to the eye, there are broad beans, green edamame beans, sweet peas and other light green beans in the market are also popular.”These are spring, seasonal dishes that have been coming out a lot lately, and they’re very tender.”Stall owner Chen is busy beckoning citizens to choose materials, while Shouting: “The price is not expensive, just pick.”In front of the stall, Mr. Liu bought two batches of lettuce, a handful of green pea tips, a big bag of peeled broad bean rice, Chinese cabbage and so on, and picked four tomatoes.”Now we can change the variety of dishes every day, so we can choose a lot of dishes.”Mr. Liu said, make three dishes and one soup for one meal. Besides fish and meat, the vegetables can be different almost every day.In the tangcailu Food market, a large one in Hankou, jimai news reporters learned from several stall owners that since early March, the variety of vegetables coming into the market every day has increased, but the most obvious change is the purchase of more.Among them, more than 10 kinds of local seasonal “spring vegetables” batch market, the price has also fallen.The price of game among vegetables has become more affordable. The price of various vegetables such as red wormwood, houttuynia and dandelion has become more affordable since the end of last month.Visits to various fresh markets sometimes resulted in a large number of stalls selling wild vegetables.Among them, local artemisia annua has been reduced from 8 yuan a jin last week to 5 yuan a jin, while semi-processed products with leaves removed are 8 yuan a jin.Other varieties such as houttuynia, dandelion, ground vegetables and other dishes are also 5 yuan a catty.Stall owner Chen introduced that these wild vegetables are basically purchased from local farmers every day, although the price is more expensive than other vegetables, but the taste is fresh enough, and only in the current season can eat, the purchase of many citizens.Subsequently, the eye news reporter contacted in caidian district dwarf guanling village planting characteristic vegetables master Huang.According to him, as the temperature rises, the garden’s “game” is very rich, there are red wormwood, coriander, houttuynia, dandelion, ground vegetables and so on.The dishes themselves are “wild” and adapted to the cold environment.Their vegetable land is only 3 mu, although not much, but the kind of good look, generally is the vegetable vendor door-to-door purchase, do not worry about sales, a year can bring 50,000 yuan income.”Spring light” light citizens not eat food choose wuhan modern agricultural education center more vegetables expert analysis, according to a recent period of time, the temperature of wuhan rapid rebound, vegetables grow faster, yield increased significantly, especially in wuhan in recent years, vigorously promote the “spring vegetables” of all kinds of new varieties to enhance supply ability, has the potential of cluster appear on the market, also will bring the price down.For the higher price of wild vegetables in the spring, experts say, a lot of vegetables are labeled as “wild vegetables” are mostly businesses hit the “local brand”, the purpose is easy to sell, good price.In fact, the nutritional value of wild vegetables and home-cooked food is similar, but the color and taste are different.Jimu News reporters learned that in recent years, Wuhan city has introduced and bred three varieties of Artemisia sp. chenopodium, Artemisia cerulosa and Artemisia cerulosa according to market demand.At present, red artemisia quinoa, houttuynia and dandelion on the market are mostly planted in early spring, which comes on the market at this time. Compared with household vegetables, they have an absolute advantage in color and taste, and their prices are slightly higher. But in the future, with the gradual rise of temperature, a large number of spring vegetables are listed, and the price will fall quickly.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.