273.66 mg / 100 ml!A driver in Yueyang drank alcohol four times in less than three hours and finally hit the gas as a brake

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During the Spring Festival travel rush, Yueyang traffic police continue to investigate dangerous behavior of drunk driving. The lights are bright and the family reunion night someone was arrested for drunk driving after a second was celebrating the festival. At 18:00 on February 13, Yueyang County traffic police received a report that a traffic accident occurred at the intersection of Boxiang town, Yueyang County.Police rushed to the scene immediately, found the driver Zou some abnormal expression, there is a very strong taste of alcohol.Police then took him to yueyang Renya Hospital for breath and alcohol test.The morning, judicial identification of the driver of the accident blood alcohol content of 273.66mg/100ml, is drunk driving motor vehicle.The investigation found that Zou drank four times along the way a total of 9 liang of wine: February 13 at 17 xu Zou and his father had dinner in a relative’s house, drank 5 liang of white wine (home-brewed bulk grain wine, alcohol degree of more than 50 degrees).After taking his father home at 17:40 p.m., Zou remembered that there was alcohol in the trunk of the car, put it in the passenger seat, and drank about two dozen bottles (niuranshan green bottle) alone.When 18 xu Zou mou meets a friend to eat midnight snack in the street, drank 1 two liquor with.18 xu Zou mou continues to drive to the town of lion hill market, the car parked at the roadside, encountered a strange man said Zou Mou vehicle next to his car, Zou mou immediately get off and its theory, one come and go called to drink, drank about 1 two liquor.Zou then ready to go to the left parking vehicles to eat midnight snack, the wrong step on the accelerator, the car directly rushed into the crosswalk, hit midnight snack stand.Fortunately, it was cold that day, and fewer people went out for midnight snack. No one was injured.Finally, traffic police to Zou drunk driving vehicle traffic illegal behavior to sober up.At present, Zou mou has been criminal detention, and dangerous driving crime put on record to investigate.Zou also faces revocation of his driving license and will not be allowed to apply for a new license for five years.Once an accident happens, the consequences are unpredictable. Please keep in mind that all drivers should not touch the bottom line of the law. Be responsible for your family, do not drink, do not drive, do not drink!Source: Yueyang Traffic police