A variety of flavors to choose from, made and sold on the market now

2022-04-27 0 By

The Lantern Festival is approaching, the tang yuan of Fang Song catering is on the market!The fillings are mixed by the chef on the same day and sold on the spot to ensure fresh and refreshing ingredients.This year, the restaurant still has a variety of dumplings to choose from, including fresh meat dumplings, shepherd’s purse fresh meat dumplings, bamboo shoots fresh meat dumplings, shredded radish fresh meat dumplings and sesame bean paste dumplings.Uniform retail price is 24 yuan/box, 8 pieces per box.Those who like to eat tangyuan should not miss it.Reservation telephone Lanqiao shop: 67736917 West shop: 57632793 Correspondent: Fang Xiaosong editor: GUI Kexin