Are movie ticket prices finally coming down?”Sniper” announced on February 7 to reduce the settlement price

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Today is the first day of work after the holiday. Haven’t you had enough rest?During the Spring Festival holiday, many people went to the cinema to relax.According to Lighthouse, the box office for the Spring Festival has surpassed 6.1 billion yuan as of midnight on Feb 7, making it the most expensive Spring Festival in history.A total of 111 million tickets had been sold for the Spring Festival holiday as of 6 PM, with an average ticket price of 52.9 yuan.The average ticket price for the same period in 2021 was 48.9 yuan, compared with 44.7 yuan in 2019, an increase of nearly 19 percent in three years.But with the holiday season over, ticket prices are expected to drop.In addition, some parties have taken the initiative.On February 6, Director Zhang Yimou’s “Sniper” announced a price cut.After the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, director Zhang Yimou was interviewed by Bai Yansong.Referring to the cold reception of his new film “Sniper” during the Spring Festival, Zhang yimou said reluctantly that he had neglected the film for the Winter Olympics. “It’s a tragedy to arrange the film.”But as the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics got under way on Thursday night, topics such as “Buy Zhang Yimou a movie ticket” topped the list of trending searches on Weibo.”Even for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, I will go to the cinema to support Zhang Yimou’s Sniper!” actor Yu Hewei posted on his micro blog on Thursday night.Some viewers even spent the night paying for “Sniper”.”Sniper” is the first domestic based on the real story of the sharpshooter against the United States to aid The Story of the film, tells the story of “sniper class five” soldiers to rescue their comrades to protect information, the use of flexible combat wisdom and intrepent fighting spirit “to win the battle force by tactics”, with strong equipment of the enemy launched a life-and-death duel.In fact, sniper has been the most praised film of the Spring Festival with a score of 7.7 on Douban since it was released one after another on the first day of the year.However, the film, which is on the same page as the mega-hit “Jangjin Lake”, hardly gets good screenings under the pressure of its rival’s strong audience base.Many moviegoers said that although they wanted to see Sniper, they found it difficult to find a suitable time because most of the screenings were in the morning or late at night.Mr. Zhang previously complained about screening during a livestreaming campaign, pleading with movie theater managers across the country to do more than just give “sniper” screenings in the middle of the night.Thanks to the efforts of netizens to “help Zhang Yimou”, the single-day box office of “Sniper” has achieved a surprising increase to more than 200 million yuan so far.Since the beginning of the year, the daily box office of Sniper has surpassed that of Director Han Han’s The Four Seas.According to Beacon, “Sniper” grossed 52.03 million yuan on Feb 5, even surpassing its opening day.On February 6, the single-day box office took in more than 53 million yuan.Sniper’s screenings rose from 5.8% on Feb. 2 to 9.7% on Feb. 6, with more screenings expected to exceed 10% in the coming days.According to Changjiang Daily, Zheng Li, a marketing manager at the Studio’s Jiangchen Street store in Wuhan, said: “Zhang yimou’s previous films have many big scenes and many people. This time, the story is simple and there are not many familiar faces among the actors, but the quality of the film is very good.”Therefore, “from the beginning of the third day of the Chinese New Year, our cinema to ‘Sniper’ added a screening, opened a hall of 150 seats.It’s also been well received by audiences. It’s the third highest attendance in our theater.””Sniper” also announced that from February 7, all versions of the settlement price will be lowered to 35 yuan A category, B category 30 yuan (5 yuan lower each), this is the Spring Festival this year’s eight new films to reduce the price limit of the film.However, the settlement price does not equal the actual price of the movie ticket you can buy.Although the price of movie tickets is negotiated and signed by the producer, distributor and cinema (cinema chain), the settlement price is the lowest ticket price, not the average price, nor the uniform price.But under the agreement, theaters can’t sell tickets for less than that.But the benefit of lowering the settlement price is also obvious, because it means that cinemas will make an extra five yuan per ticket without lowering the ticket price, making them more profitable and more willing to screen Sniper.In order to retain the market, this is likely to spur others to follow suit, further prompting across-the-board price cuts.”Sniper” early market expectations are not high, beacon professional version of the pre-release media forecast range of 600 million to 1 billion yuan, and Cat eye professional version is also expected to the final box office of 600 million yuan.As for the performance of “Sniper” after the increase of screen, some film industry analysts said that according to the current screen situation, it is difficult to further achieve box office breakthrough, and the final box office is expected to be about 600 million yuan.”Sniper” is controlled by Enlight Media and produced by listed companies including Hualu Baina and Feng Shang Culture.Why are tickets so expensive for Spring Festival this year?High ticket prices are becoming the new label of Spring Festival.The topic “movie tickets are too expensive” became a hot search topic on Weibo, prompting many netizens to discuss it.In the case of watergate Bridge, an IMAX version of the film was sold at a Beijing cinema for 179 yuan on The first day of the Lunar New Year.According to the Lighthouse Research Institute, the average ticket price of movies nationwide rose from 33.1 yuan to 40.3 yuan in the six years from 2016 to 2021, an increase of 21 percent, or a compound annual growth rate of 3.3 percent.Combined with the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, the annual average attendance rate also dropped from 14 percent in 2016 to 8 percent, with first-tier cities seeing the biggest drop of 10 percent.Zhu Yuqing, director of the China Film Foundation’s investment and financing Fund, believes the Spring Festival should foster audiences, not push them away.”Film should become a popular cultural consumer goods, so it must follow the logic of supply and demand to produce the symbolic value needed by the market.”Why are tickets so expensive for Spring Festival this year?According to the qianjiang evening news, said one industry source, the main reason is affected by the outbreak, the operating theater in the past two years has been poor condition, many years schedule the lack of high-quality films, so the Spring Festival party increasingly prominent, the importance of “the Spring Festival is the head, have head film again, the income of a Chinese New Year can top half a year.”Another cinema manager said bluntly: “Last year’s box office was so bad that there were no sales for several months. When we finally waited for the Spring Festival, it felt like a carnival after a long period of loneliness.”In addition, eight films in this year’s Spring Festival run time,Long jin lake of water gate bridge for 149 minutes, “four seas” 128 minutes, “miracle, stupid kid” 106 minutes, “the killer is not very cool 109 minutes,” bears, returning to the earth “, “sniper” 96 minutes, 99 minutes of “pleasant goat and Wolffy baskets of the future 94 minutes,” tiger mound the hero 90 minutes.Unlike previous New Year’s films, which are kept at 95 to 110 minutes, this year’s two films exceed 120 minutes. Watergate Bridge is 149 minutes long, 1.5 times that of ordinary New Year’s films.Faced with longer films and fewer screenings, studios have had to raise ticket prices per show to offset the impact.Promotional poster for “The Killer is Not So Cool”According to douban and ticket prices, there are significantly fewer people entering the cinema this year. The number of votes cast from the first day to the third day of the Chinese New Year was 19.26 million, 18.3 million and 17.12 million, respectively, compared with 34.46 million, 27.97 million and 29.32 million in the same period last year. In the first three days, there were more than 30 million fewer people entering the cinema.Rao Shuguang, president of the China Film Critics Association, said, “It is understandable that the box office fell this year, but what we should pay attention to is that the number of moviegoers dropped significantly in the first three days of the Spring Festival.”According to statistics, 27.66 million fewer people went to the cinema in the first three days of this year’s Spring Festival than in the same period last year.”Given the high ticket prices, a lot of people who wanted to see three movies might end up seeing two, or two, but they might end up seeing one,” Rao said. “Some people want to see one movie, but they don’t go. That’s why the number of moviegoers has dropped so much.”Gao Jun, a veteran filmmaker, told The National Business Daily: “Reasonable regulation of ticket prices and diversification of content are absolutely top priorities.”However, according to the rule of the market, after the Spring Festival, ticket prices should be reduced.Take Watergate Bridge, which is leading the 2022 Spring Festival season, for example. In a Wanda Cinema in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, the lowest ticket price on February 6 was 42.9 yuan, while the highest ticket price was 57.9 yuan. Compared with the first day of the Chinese New Year, ticket prices have been reduced by more than 30 percent.In fact, ticket prices have been rising in recent years, from 48.9 yuan in 2021 to 44.7 yuan in 2019 and less than 40 yuan in 2018.Moviegoers should be impressed by the popularity of ticket prices of 8.8 yuan and 9.9 yuan in the past few years. In order to protect the market, blockbusters jointly proposed that cinemas across the country ticket prices should not be lower than 19.9 yuan during the Spring Festival.Some people in the industry also said that the ticket price should not be over-interpreted, because the price is determined by market supply and demand. The reason for the higher ticket price during the Spring Festival is the large number of moviegoers and the high labor cost during the Spring Festival.Pay attention to these points, let you know how to buy ham in minutes to evaluate the Spring Festival, your mahogany furniture maintenance?Arts and crafts master of China to teach you | city disappear is protected appoint professional office furniture to summon “hit”, we collected the seven western ham 丨 “evaluating Loro Piana, Tory ‘Burch, COACH, look at the big players have what the year of the tiger limit one third quarter | | city disappear is protected appoint professional fashion products