Dialogue with Ayla Home global terminal image designer to explore the secret of epoch-making smart space 2.0

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Ayla Home, as a smart Home brand created by Ayla Iot on the basis of realizing the integration of “cloud side and end”, aims to become a pioneer of global smart life services. Human-centered, with science and art as wings, Ayla Home builds high-tech and immersive spatial intelligence by virtue of AI active product system and interactive experience design.To satisfy people’s infinite fantasy of future intelligent life.”Ayla· Art · PI” special dialogue with Leo Lee, global terminal image design officer of Ayla Home, from image positioning to marketing concept, from display props to interactive experience, discover and create the beauty of every technology, let’s explore the secret of Ayla Home epochal intelligent space 2.0.Q1: How to position Ayla Home smart Home experience store?What kind of concepts do you want to deliver externally?Leo Lee: Ayla Home aims to be a global leader in smart living services. Our terminal image has undergone 1.0 and 1.5 generations of design innovations in just one year, leading to the new space design image SI 2.0.In the middle of this process, our space design team’s initial design vision is “innovation, exploration, technology, aesthetics, crossover”, which, we try to focus on creating a new “technology, aesthetics, crossover” terminal marketing design concept.Q2: What stores are Ayla Home SI 2.0 mainly used in? What are the differences in design focus?Leo Lee: Ayla Home SI 2.0 is mainly applied in super flagship stores, one-stop customer service centers, experience centers and specialty stores. Super flagship stores are directly or jointly operated by the headquarters, with large space and high-end image, aiming to enhance brand height and reputation.One-stop customer service center is a comprehensive service platform integrating product sales, product display, scene interactive experience and after-sales/customer service.The experience center focuses on product experience and scene interactive experience, giving consumers an immersive experience space environment;The exclusive store focuses on product sales and product display, and partially presents home scenes.Q3: What are the style and positioning changes of Ayla Home SI 2.0 compared to 1.0?Leo Lee: SI 1.0 design positioning is mainly aimed at the young group, the use of fashion, color matching techniques, strong cooperation with well-known home furnishing brands, to create a simple, fresh design style;In the process of SI 2.0 design, Ayla Home has upgraded its brand positioning from light luxury to luxury, constantly breaking the traditional industry design concept, incorporating trendy and crossover Internet celebrity design elements, and finally establishing the terminal image design concept of “technology, aesthetics and crossover”.At the same time, the AI no-master lamp is used to realize various interactive scenes such as dancing with sound and dancing with shadow, creating flexible experience.Q4: What areas are Ayla Home SI 2.0 mainly composed of and what are the main functions of each area?Leo Lee: Ayla Home SI 2.0 stores mainly include product display area, product experience area, boutique exhibition area, guest restaurant scene experience area, smart hotel scene experience area, VIP reception area, after-sales service area, etc. They are designed according to the entry line to bring customers the most perfect experience.Specifically: (1) Product display area: including the whole house intelligent six systems, smart hotel, smart real estate and other industry solutions, as well as Milan, Rome and Athens series of products display;② Product experience area: the whole set of desktop display props is designed with experience table as the main part, and the layout of star products, key products display, scene props display, etc.③ Boutique exhibition area: mainly presents the strategic products of the brand at each stage;④ Guest restaurant scene experience area: vestibule-home mode, home mode;Restaurant – Romantic mode, dinner mode;Living room – reading mode, watching mode, rest mode, receiving mode and other scene experience;(5) Smart hotel scene experience area: personally experience a whole set of intelligent experience of hotel check-in;VIP reception area: one to one special customer service for intended customers;⑦ After-sales service area: specially-assigned personnel to quickly solve customers’ problems in product use and experience.Q5: How to create atmosphere experience, how to design props, and how to interact with customers?Leo Lee: At present, many traditional smart home stores have poor stickiness with consumers, which makes it difficult to arouse consumers’ interest in experience and gain real feedback and evaluation.Therefore, in the design process of 2.0, we have integrated more interesting and interactive scenes into the store space, such as intelligent hotel scene experience and so on, so that consumers can experience the process of first attracting, first understanding, then experiencing, and finally clinking a deal, which makes the whole transaction process easy and happy.Q6: What are the reviews of Ayla Home SI 2.0, which was officially released in September last year?Leo Lee: Ayla Home 2.0 image is the result of nearly a year’s effort of the whole team. We have made every effort in every step, from pre-marketing to element refining, to project polishing and prop proofing. We take every step and every detail seriously, hoping to create a truly brilliant work with the heart of the artisan.Fortunately, Ayla Home SI 2.0 image was recognized by national partners and attracted the attention of many peers as soon as it was launched. It can be said that it brought a visual feast of technological innovation and fashion crossover for the whole smart Home industry.Q7: What is the size and number of stores nationwide?What is its main site selection basis?Leo Lee: Ayla Home now has more than 600 stores nationwide, including the above five types of stores.Among them, super flagship stores are mainly built in the core business circle of first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the site selection will be cautious for brand benchmarking promotion.One-stop customer service centers are built in the core business areas of first-tier, new first-tier and second-tier cities, and usually only one partner is allowed in one region.The experience center is mainly in the core business areas of first-tier, new first-tier and second-tier cities, while the stores are mainly in the core business areas of second-tier and lower-tier cities. Regional protection policies are also implemented.Q8: How do you evaluate your team and what are your plans for the New Year?Leo Lee: We are a young, dynamic and professional design team with crossover and innovative thinking. We are in daily contact with the latest fashion design elements in the industry, and quickly learn and integrate industry resources.All the time, we have been challenging ourselves, subverting the traditional cognitive thinking, and innovating the concept of smart space and the way of experience.In 2022, the terminal layout of “Thousands of cities and thousands of stores” will be fully completed. We will continue to cross boundary thinking, gather the essence of all parties, and continuously create a more scientific, interesting and interactive third space experience for consumers.We are full of confidence and enthusiasm!Conclusion: In the era of the Internet of everything, ubiquitous intelligence, and even meta-universe and all-true Internet, intelligent space directly acquires and interprets user needs through the application of products and technologies of big data, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, and realizes the natural interaction between people and things and things.Ayla Home terminal image space is redefining product ecology, behavioral interaction and AI empowering. In the future, it will depict science and technology aesthetics to the extreme and create an “organic” intelligent space with temperature, experience and vitality for users.