District government party group held party history study education thematic democratic life

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According to the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the District Party Committee, on February 8, the leading party group of the district government held the party history study and education special democratic life.District party committee deputy secretary, district government party secretary, district director Shan Zefeng presided over and made a summary speech.District government leaders attended the meeting.District government leading party group and its members will open a special topic democratic life as an important political task, a profound grasp of the theme, elaborate plans, solid work in each link.Through the combination of individual self-study and concentrated study, we will thoroughly study the spirit of general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, the spirit of democratic life special subject of party history study and education of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and the spirit of the National and municipal Party history study and education Summary Conference.Take a variety of ways, widely solicit opinions and suggestions, carry out in-depth heart-to-heart talks, and on this basis carefully write contrast inspection materials, for high-quality open a good democratic life to lay a solid foundation.At the meeting, Shan Zefeng notified the special democratic life to solicit opinions, the district government party group 2020 year democratic life rectification measures to implement the situation, and on behalf of the Party group for control inspection, combined with the actual profound analysis of the cause of the problem, clear direction of future efforts and rectification measures.Subsequently, Shan Zefeng took the lead in making a comparative inspection, and members of the district government party group carried out individual comparative inspection one by one, criticizing and helping each other.They did not hide their personal analyses and dared to expose their flaws. They were frank and open to other comrades’ criticisms. The rectification measures had clear targets and were feasible, thus achieving the expected goal of unifying their thinking, enhancing solidarity, clarifying the direction and advancing their work.Shan Zefeng summed up the speech to do a good job of the democratic life of the rectification measures and the implementation of this year’s district government party work put forward five requirements.First, we need to raise our political standing and firmly uphold the two principles.First district party member should always keep in mind the government’s political authority, the political construction in the first place, fully recognizing the economic achievements, the development of the politics behind the cause, a profound comprehension of the decisive significance of the “two established”, deep comprehension jinping era lead a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, practical, the theory of the supremacy of the people’s character,Resolutely defend “the two established”, continue to strengthen “two maintenance” thought consciousness, political consciousness and conscious action, always in politics, the political orientation, political principle, political path with the party central committee with comrade xi for the core keep highly consistent, the political requirements throughout the whole process of government work and the various aspects,Reflected in the performance of duties, do their own work effectiveness, to ensure the implementation of the central decision-making and deployment and the work requirements of the Municipal party committee, district Committee is not biased, flexible, not out of shape.Second, we must strengthen the theoretical armed, learn to understand and make solid progress in the study and education of Party history.New era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in jinping thoughts as the instruction, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of the founding, continue to consolidate the development history of the party to learn education achievement, firm confidence, practice time history mission, strengthen the feelings for the people, have the courage to bear as, sink down and learn, timely follow-up, with practice, study earnestly the party history education results into theoretical accomplishment and self-cultivation,Reflected in the good performance of promoting development and practical action to serve the people, and constantly to the party history summary, study, education, publicity to deepen.Third, we need to fulfill our responsibilities, put the people first, and unswervingly promote high-quality development.Bear in mind that xi jinping, general secretary of inculcation, consciously aligning with xi jinping, general secretary, take the lead in practice to the people as the center of the development of ideas, adhere to the direction of common prosperity, adhere to the word pledge, seek improvement in stability, firmly grasp the strategic initiative, work initiative, maintain high quality development strategic concentration and patient history, keep and promising struggle, seize the dayWe will thoroughly implement the “Five Strategies”, vigorously promote the “four major projects”, and constantly write a new chapter in accelerating the construction of a beautiful “bincheng”.Fourth, we need to fulfill our principal responsibilities, deepen and comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline, and further foster a sound political environment.We must firmly uphold the belief that Party building is our greatest political achievement. We must always shoulder and grasp the political, leadership, and work responsibilities for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party. We must earnestly fulfill both our responsibilities, take Party political building as the guiding principle, remain committed to the fundamental political direction of self-reform, and consistently implement the Eight-Point Decision made by the CPC Central Committee.We will continue to eliminate clique culture, altruism, formalism, and bureaucratism, implement the basic requirements of democratic centralism, and consolidate and develop a clean and upright political environment.Fifth, we must adhere to a problem-oriented approach, carry forward the spirit of struggle, and conscientiously rectify and implement problems in special democratic life meetings.To the problem of the ZhaBai and claim to make improvement scheme and measures, in the “people, things, because,” malicious honed, sustained and in-depth grasp rectification, highlight key improvement on building rules and regulations, grasp, a a grasp in place, trying to “task list” “question list” to “the implementation of the list” “satisfaction” list,In building a beautiful “bincheng” in an all-round way and accelerating the building of high-quality development demonstration zones in the new era, we will show new achievements and create new achievements to welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.Source: Bincheng Times