Gao Tingyu won the moment, the stadium rang out “I Love You China”

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Gao Tingyu wins the first gold medal of the Winter Olympics by setting a new Olympic record in men’s speed skating. Gao Tingyu wins the men’s 500m speed skating gold medal in Beijing, Feb 12, 2018.Global Times reporter Li Hao photo on February 12, Gao Tingyu presented a souvenir ceremony.At the moment of crossing the finish line, 24-year-old Gao Tingyu looked like a bolt of lightning in the eyes of the audience.500 meters in 34.32 seconds, a new Olympic record!Cheering, Gao Tingyu continued to slide calmly.At this point, there are still eight groups of contestants left.The crowd waited with bated breath, and as one athlete after another completed the race, no one could surpass it.Win!The stadium rang out “I Love you China” passionate melody, Gao Tingyu held the national flag ran around the field.After howling on his back, he quietly wiped the tears from his eyes.On February 12, Gao Tingyu won the gold medal in men’s 500m speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, making China’s men’s speed skating a breakthrough in gold MEDALS at the Winter Olympics.Generations of speed skaters have waited 42 years for this gold medal, starting with the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Games.It was Gao who opened a new chapter in Chinese men’s speed skating by winning a breakthrough 500m bronze medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.”Four years later, I want to change the color of the medal,” he said.Now he has.Speed skating is a competition between skaters and time.Over the years, gao Tingyu fell asleep every day with his sliding pictures in his mind.He started skating at the age of eight and devoted himself to the sport.Behind the strong self-discipline is the desire and pursuit of dreams.This slow – tempered youth in life has become the “vanguard” of China’s speed skating team.Gao tingyu’s outstanding physical fitness and amazing explosive power have made her quickly stand out in the short distance events and become one of the world’s top young athletes.After the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, he was in the ascendent stage of his sports career and was expected to carry the banner of China’s speed skating breakthrough.However, there are always challenges and tests awaiting Gao.Beijing Winter Olympic cycle, his results were up and down, the field also a few mistakes.The high starting point of his sports career, let him bear no small pressure, injury trouble added to the uncertainty.”After many training sessions, I was so tired that I couldn’t get up,” he admits.Even though it was difficult, Gao tingyu never thought of giving up.He told himself time and again: “Good grades are not by thinking, just go forward with all your might.”Day after day of intense training, he never relaxed the demand for details, every day like “obsessed” watching video games, studying techniques.Despite being out of the international arena for more than a year due to the epidemic, Gao Tingyu still maintained a good competitive condition.In September 2021, Gao tingyu skated 33.83 seconds in men’s 500 meters at the China Cup Speed Skating Elite League, missing the world record by 0.22 seconds.Two months later, he won his first World Cup in Poland.He “feels more and more confident” as he continues to prove himself in games.The men’s 500-meter speed skating event is a one-round showdown with no room for error.Gao Tingyu set a clear goal for himself. “We are relatively weak in speed skating, and we need to be hard in blacksmithing.”In the last two months of the preparation, he kept checking and perfecting the technical details of the starting blocks.At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, he proudly carried the five-star red flag as one of the double flag-bearers of the Chinese sports delegation.This honor fills his body with strength, gao tingyu’s eyes are more determined as he competes in his second Winter Olympics.With a new Olympic record, Gao Tingyu skated his best to win the men’s 500-meter speed skating title at the Beijing Winter Olympics, letting the world witness the “Chinese speed”.The roar after the game was full of years of hard work.The moment he realized his dream, he was still ambitious. “Today I started slower than usual. I can do better.”In two Winter Olympics, Gao Tingyu made history twice.This “dream skating” young man, after the race affectionately confessed: “Gold medal for the motherland!”