Glory appearance level models return to the cost performance, 100 million main camera +100W quick charge + curved screen, only 2599 yuan

2022-04-27 0 By

Honor independent from Huawei, the overall design style in a short period of time is difficult to appear an earth-shaking change.From the Honor 50 series released last year to the Honor Magic V released this year, there will be some similarities with Huawei in every phone.Considering the design and appearance level of Huawei is very good, this does not affect the sales of Honor.I would say the honor 50 was the most influential phone last year.The appearance level of this machine belongs to the best work last year, and with good photos, the honor 50 series is a long-term hot seller, and the price is very strong, until the honor 60 series came on the market, the honor 50 series price has a relatively large decline.It’s also because honor 60 and Honor 50 are released in a relatively short period of time, and upgrades are limited.The reduced price of the Honor 50 Pro is more worthy of consideration, and it can be said that the honor 2000 model is the most cost-effective phone.The Honor 50 Pro also has its own advantages over the Honor 60 Pro in that it has a 100W super-fast charge and can charge a 4,000mah battery in about 20 minutes.The Honor 60 Pro is down to 66 watts.Thanks to the snapdragon 778G’s excellent power control, even a 4000 mah battery can last a day.The Honor 50 Pro also has a very high level of front appearance, featuring a 6.72-inch curved display with dual holes, a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 10Bit display.The back uses a circular dual camera, similar to the Huawei P50 Pro.The Honor 50 Pro’s camera capability is also a big selling point. It has 32 million front shots and is good at both selfies and vlogs.The rear camera is 100 million pixels, four shots, overall is ok.As for the Performance of the Snapdragon 778G, the experience is as good as any of the Snapdragon 888 flagship under Glory optimization.The lowered price makes the Honor 50 Pro even more attractive, since the honor 60 series isn’t particularly improved.When the machine came on the market, the 8+256GB version was 3699 yuan, now directly reduced to 2599 yuan.It’s a good choice to honor fans.If you feel the article is helpful to you, welcome to forward attention!