Good start!The box office for the Year of the Tiger hit 2.7 billion yuan in two days

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Yesterday, tourists in the old gate east scenic area.During the Spring Festival holiday, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the east Scenic spot of Confucius Temple welcomes tourists.Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain news reporter Xu Qi yesterday, the citizens of the da Bridge Light Market on the Da Ban Lane of Xi nanli block watched and selected lights, celebrating the Spring Festival with joy.On February 1, the 2022 Nanjing City Wall Spring Festival Garden opened with an immersive light carving show, national tide lanterns, snow parties, song and dance performances, and 7D city wall light and shadow show to re-create the “past life” of Nanjing Zhonghua Gate spanning more than 600 years.Nanjing Daily/Purple Mountain News reporter Dong Jiaxun photo of “Changjin Lake water Gate Bridge” poster.News from our newspaper (reporter Xing Hong Wang Feng) Spring Festival movie-watching has become a “new folk custom”, the year of the Tiger film market ushered in a good start.As of 2:38 PM on Feb 2, the total box office of the 2022 Spring Festival (including screenings) has exceeded 2.7 billion yuan, according to Maoyan Professional.Nanjing cinema is also thriving, the reporter found in the visit to the cinema, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control measures, the public at ease to enjoy the New Year.A total of eight blockbusters will be released this Spring Festival.”Long jin lake water gate bridge”, a “sniper” focus on the Korean war, and the miracle, stupid kid “four seas” the killer is not very calm, the bears, returning to the earth “pleasant goat and Wolffy basket out of the future” “tiger mound heroes” and so on a film, provide a variety of subjects and rich types for the audience viewing options.When the reporter visited the major cinemas in Nanjing, he saw that the cinemas strictly implemented the epidemic prevention requirements, and the citizens who came to the cinema all wore masks, cooperated with the cinemas to measure the temperature, and took the initiative to show their health codes and travel codes.Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake is the frontrunner for this year’s Spring Festival.As a sequel to changjin Lake, the highest-grossing film in Chinese history, The film is made by the original cast. Set against the background of the Battle of Changjin Lake during the Second Battle of the War to resist the United States and aid Korea, the film tells the story of seven companies of soldiers who fight to the death on the “Watergate Bridge”, the key point of the enemy’s retreat.Within 16 hours of its release, the film’s box office has exceeded 800 million yuan, with more than 14 million viewers, breaking 39 consecutive records. It has become the biggest opening day box office of a story-themed film in Chinese film history, the biggest Spring Festival war film in Chinese film history, and the biggest single-day box office of a story-themed film in Chinese film history.The popularity of the film remains high.Millions of viewers offered their first tears of the New Year, writing their sincere feelings on social media: “The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake is a passionate epic, even better than its predecessors!””Each individual story becomes a collective story and a national story.Burning and moved, all the suspense has been solved, all the foreshadowing has been responded, Thanksgiving revolutionary ancestors paid all, but also more glad that we were born in today’s peace!”Yesterday, the film released a hero prototype special, the lens aimed at a 98 year old volunteer army veteran Guo Rongxi.”Three times. I did it the first time.It is necessary to resist the United States and aid Korea, and it is very glorious to defend our country.We all stood up and feared no sacrifice!”Kwak Young-hee, who witnessed the Battle of watergate Bridge and served as a staff officer of the 60th Division command of the 20th Army of the 9th Corps, recalled the freezing battlefield, saying, The temperature was over minus 40 degrees Celsius and my hands were black with cold.It was under such difficult conditions that three bombs were bombed in eight days, showing the iron will of the volunteers.As the only comedy blockbuster of the Spring Festival, “The Killer” took over 400 million yuan at the box office yesterday, ranking second in the Spring Festival season.The film told about the success of the wei of actor of optional role (Wei Xiang is acted the role of), in female star Milan (Ma Li is acted the role of) the male one that plays its new film below the invitation, consequently accident is immersed in a crisis everywhere “play in play” “bureau in bureau”, rely on acting skill eventually, wisdom and goodness, rescue everybody, the story of change danger weyi.The film is full of twists and turns, lots of jokes, but also pays tribute to the ordinary people who pursue their ideals and remain kind.As a hilarious comedy, The Professional masterfully manages to both shake up every punch line and make people laugh, while evoking empathy through the protagonist’s desperate efforts for hard-won opportunities.Source: Nanjing Daily