How to prevent the Winter Olympics?Hand disinfection machines can be seen everywhere, and the prevention of black technology escort

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As the Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, journalists and athletes from all over the world have gathered in Beijing to present an exquisite feast of ice and snow for the world.As the situation of epidemic prevention and control around the world is still not optimistic, how can epidemic prevention be achieved within the closed loop of the Winter Olympics, where people are highly concentrated?Take a look.In the main Media centre and in the venues, there are novel Coronavirus diagramshanging on the walls of the Venues, especially in more crowded restaurants and elevators.In the closed loop, hand disinfectors are undoubtedly the most commonly used tools for epidemic prevention.Users simply place their hands under the hand sanitizer, and sensors spray disinfectant alcohol onto their hands. Simply rub your hands together to disinfect them.Due to the large flow of personnel between the main press center and each venue, the hand disinfection machine is also equipped with sufficient, basically can do three or five steps, you can find a disinfection machine.In addition to the basic operation of hand disinfecting machines, hundreds of “intelligent epidemic prevention workers” will be on duty throughout the Beijing Winter Olympics.In front of the screen of “intelligent epidemic prevention”, users do not even need to remove masks, just brush the relevant IDENTIFICATION documents, and in one second can realize identity identification, intelligent temperature measurement, Health bao, nucleic acid detection, a total of 8 inspection links, no problem “black technology”.The ice hockey arena, where physical contact is most frequent, is also home to the highest concentration of quarantine technology.At wukesong Sports Center, the venue for women’s ice hockey, there is not only a smart security service robot, but also a small “armpit band-aid”, which has become a sharp weapon for the hundreds of staff at the venue.The “underarm Band-Aid” is a wearable smart thermometer, which is about the size of a finger’s stomach and can be attached to the skin by downloading a mobile app.In fact, both the hand disinfection machine and other epidemic prevention black science and technology, can only calculate the assistance of epidemic prevention measures within a closed loop of the Olympic Games, for participants consciously wear masks epidemic prevention is the most basic, most important, because the mask is isolated from the virus is the most important first step, volunteers repeatedly stressed the point in a closed loop.In order to successfully complete the work ahead of the Winter Olympics, Zibo Chuangqi Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. provided masks, disinfection wipes and other epidemic prevention materials to special reporters of Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint, escorting the coverage of the Winter Olympics.Zibo Chuangqi Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise founded in 2012, the company is committed to independent research and development, production and operation of secondary medical supplies.The company has standard 100,000 grade purification GMP workshop – 10,000 square meters, asepsis laboratory 1000 square meters and other hardware facilities;Selection of high quality raw materials and advanced fully automatic production equipment.Company r & D product direction in line with the international use of the concept, more convenient, more efficient;In line with the purpose of serving medical treatment, convenient medical treatment, research and development, production and sales of various professional medical products;Always put quality in the first place, to meet the needs of customers as the work goal, to control the production process, so that the quality of products and service level continues to improve.Ice sports and medical health care, as a member of the big health industry family, in the winter Olympics in full swing, by helping qilu Evening News · Qilu One point ahead of the report, Chuangqi Medical has also made a modest contribution to the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Beijing Winter Olympics is getting better, chuangqi Medical also wishes the Chinese Winter Olympics athletes in each competition better results, add luster to the country!