“Legend of The King” announced the release of stilts, Ren Jialun, Dilieba look nice, enter the countdown

2022-04-27 0 By

It’s been a few months since shooting and post-production of period fantasy series With Ren Jialun and Dilieba was completed, and the only thing that audiences are looking forward to is when the show will air.”Legend of The King” announced the release of stilts, Ren Jialun, Dilieba look nice, enter the countdown.With the joining of ren Jialun and Dileba, two popular leading actors, “Legend of The King” has attracted much attention since the beginning of filming. Whether it is shooting progress or material outflow, it will cause a wave of hot discussions among netizens until the official end.With the end of “Legend of King”, the drama side once released some simple revealing plot videos. At that time, due to the problems of the leading actors’ modeling, costumes and props, many netizens made fun of them. I think there will be a wave of improvement in the later stage.Ren Jialun with Dillon hot bar is in the entertainment industry in recent years, the top of the actors, they two level of appearance, performance, popularity, is pretty good, in most of the play is also very popular, such as Ren Jialun under jinyi, Zhou Sheng unchanged, Dillon heat of junior iii li, peach blossom, pillow book.So there’s nothing wrong with the two of them. It’s just that some of the styling and costumes in The movie are not perfect, and some of the bad special effects make the original video trailer seem so strained.However, I believe that after these two months of post-production, this “Legend of The King” has a new look, at least in the special effects will be quite good improvement.And a few days ago, the drama side also announced the latest several stills, officially entered the countdown.In a series of stilts released by the drama side, the more attention must be paid to ren Jialun and Dilieba as the lead actors, they are wearing black and blue clothes, giving a sense of arrogant, cold, there is really no choice in image.In addition, the stilts of Guo Xiaoting, This sha, Hu Yixuan and others are also quite interesting. After all, in the almost full of high appearance level of “Legend of The King”, no matter the supporting roles of the leading actors, they are so perfect and charming.After seeing the photos, the last thing anyone cares about is when the show will air.According to the current news, the story of The King and the Beginning of your Acquaintance has been confirmed to be broadcast in this month, as for the final set date, what time will be broadcast, still waiting for the final official announcement.In any case, this movie starring Ren Jialun and Dilieba is already on the air, which is definitely a very good news for the audience who like costume dramas and the fans who like the leading roles. Let’s wait and see!