Love novel “reborn big guy planting open hang raise meng wa” why did everyone read can’t help but point praise author

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Chapter 10 Disturbance on the street Xiao 2 do not understand, but chef has his own thinking, can hunt the royal red snake, the future is unlimited, a few two silver to sell personal love, also worth.Out of the restaurant white flow fish, chuai all belongings came to the seed shop, the night repair LAN to get the seed reported again, the store quoted that moment, white flow fish sad want to cry: “these four packets of small seeds, two two silver, robbery?”The seeds add up to less than twenty pounds and cost her half the house!Die you!Shopkeeper pointing to the board: “madam, our cloud home shop all over the East Elm, genuine, kid sou deceit, my home seeds out of high rate, and good fruit, price is absolutely fair!”Affection family or chain store!Saying that the price is transparent have no to speak, white flow fish have to broaden the way to make money: “that you here to collect seeds?The wild kind?”A listen to this, the store immediately enthusiasm: “close, close, seed grade higher, the more need!”In vain fish…What are you so happy about? I’m just asking.A communication, illiterate white flow fish understand the cabbage radish seeds in the hand, is a seed, the wild grape in the mountains, a kind of tomato, is two products, seeds can be sold according to a number, the more rare seeds, the more precious.Master just know firewood, rice, oil and salt is expensive, later when hunting, white flow fish decided to collect seeds to subsidize the family.I didn’t have a few ounces of silver in my pocket, but I still had to live my life. I bought rice, vegetables and meat one by one. It was reasonable.White flow fish curious asked a ling rice, small two immediately two eyes shine, half two silver a catty!It’s like a seed shop, and it makes the white fish run away with their stuff.All that’s left is the promised candy!Found two candy shops, 40 yuan a jin, with a little fruit taste of 50 yuan.White flow fish tasted one, the taste is so-so, say fruit sugar, also a bit of orange taste: “to a catty!”In addition to rice, sweet potato is the main grain of east Elm, just bought a big bag of white fish, go back to make dried melon, this is more suitable for snacks than sugar mouth.Want to catch the noon ox cart back, whitewater fish affairs is very fast, not long to buy a lot of.Thinking back to night repair LAN account, white flow fish feel like things to buy, just want to go home, passing by a clothing store, there are ready-made clothes, white flow fish back, or ready to buy a change of clothes.A go in, others see the face of the white flow fish, immediately point, the white flow fish do not care at all, wearing a scarf are picky, really idle.The shop assistant was a lovely girl, which was quite surprising. Even though whitewater was dressed in sackcloth, she was warmly welcoming him: “Guest officer, what do you need?”Whitefish swept past and landed on top of the bunt. “Easy for hunting!”The clerk was very impressed and took a suit of clothes: “The short brown gray, dirty resistance, convenient movement, suitable for work, wearing, must be heroic!”This shop assistant, picture book to see a bit much, always thinking of chivalrancy, do a handsome broken sky of the woman.Whitefish picked it up and showed it to his own size. He picked out two more chunky children’s clothes and was about to check out when he found a black linen suit for men.White flow fish touch chin, no reason their mother and son three people are so grounded gas, but night repair LAN one is noble family son.Pulling people down from the altar, starting with clothes, the white fish said: “Boss, that set also want!”The shop assistant’s eyes gleamed. He was very rich. Although the cloth of the four suits was ordinary, the combined price was not low, and he was more attentive.He didn’t care until a familiar voice said contemptuously, “Ugly, you should wear those ugly clothes!”Look familiar!Can I be unfamiliar?The car just saw song Lili, still standing beside the delicate little white lotus night.Song Lili was trying on a pale yellow skirt with tassels and wide sleeves. Her skin was dark, and the soft color made her look even darker. “Sure enough, you can’t talk,” she grinned.Song Lili most abstain from others to say that she is black, now look at the side of the delicate night lotus son, is furious three zhangs, friendship boat has broken trend.Whitefish propagandize again brain gossip: “also, an age still can’t marry out, can only wear this color, pack once tender!””You…”Twenty years old in the east yu country did not marry out, indeed the face is not beautiful, was stabbed in the scar of the Song Lili girl, very anxious to start a white flow fish slap: “is I despise them!”Song Lili home in wutong village is careless, she wanted to marry the planting division, wutong town planting division which is so easy to find, high or low, they wasted to now.The whitefish held out his gnarled hand. “I do physical work. Are you sure you want to do it?”Song Lili spirit of the face red: “you, you a shrew, sooner or later by people Hugh!””If you don’t mend your mouth, you can’t get married. Serve you right!”Whiteflow fish gave the last silver body, holding clothes chic out of the door, but left behind the girl beat her chest, gas want to cry.Things to buy almost, white flow fish carrying things came to water bo’s car side, one foot on the car water bo QQ pipe: “come back very early!”I have something to do at home, so I have to go back to hunt and earn some money as soon as possible. Bailiu fish took out a small package of sugar to Shui Bo and said, “I’ve bought it all!””I won’t eat it!The white fish went straight to the car and said, “It’s not for shui Bo. It’s for your granddaughter!”Thinking of his lovely granddaughter, Shuibo reached out and put the sugar into his arms.Seeing a lot of white fish, and no guests at noon, I sent the white fish back alone.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!