“News network” thumbs up!Zitong agricultural technicians go grass-roots help wheat production

2022-04-27 0 By

(February 19), CCTV “News broadcast” report “preparing spring ploughing, ensuring supply and stabilizing the Agricultural Basic plate” to introduce the current national spring ploughing production related situation, the camera focused on Zitong County.Now is the key period of wheat stripe rust and rape sclerotinia control, the field management of early spring crops is particularly important.In recent days, zitong County agricultural technology extension and plant protection and plant inspection technical personnel special topic guidance wheat chemical weeding, rodent control, wheat stripe rust disease selection and treatment, spring irrigation, topdressing and other key technical measures to implement.Combined with the control rule project of rapeseed bud moss stage, the farmers were mainly guided to actively apply good rape bud moss fertilizer and carry out the control rule of rapeseed bud moss stage.The arrival of agricultural technical personnel in Zitong County helped farmers solve the actual difficulties in production and was welcomed by them.Zitong County is a large agricultural county, China’s good grain and oil base county, this year’s spring wheat planting of 240,000 mu, 276,600 mu rape.The county sent more than 30 teams of more than 160 agricultural technicians to villages to teach wheat, rape chemical weeding, organic fertilizer and strengthen the knowledge of disease and insect pest control, welcomed by the masses.Mianyang Radio and TELEVISION Rong Media Center Zitong County Rong Media Center