On the second day of the first lunar month, the broken bridge can snow welcomed tourists, flying all over the sky in the snow “white head” they still stick to…

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What they did not do was to stick to it year after year.Day-to-day ordinary but the image of the police set up high in the heart of them is to punish evil sword, shield situation more severe, the task to the more difficult the more they rushed out and stand up to challenges of risk and crisis heading, stand up and defend the interests of the state and the people’s life blood late February 2, on the second day, rain and snow swirl around hangzhou.Flying snow all over the sky, one and another figure in silently stick to.As one of the ten scenic spots of West Lake, Broken Bridge Canxue has welcomed a wave of tourists to enjoy the snow.Police Chen Zongyao and his colleague Yang Zhichuan of The Hangzhou Scenic Area Public Security Branch Yuemiao police Station were busy with the crowd, reminding tourists to be careful when taking photos of the slippery road, pay attention to safety.

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Hangzhou sudden heavy snow, tonglu police stick to their posts at the checkpoint.The police in Tonglu met a grandmother who had come back from the hospital and lived alone. Her children were isolated in the controlled area. The police decided to send the frail old woman home and left her contact information, telling her repeatedly to pay attention to her health and to contact her in case of emergency.In the snow, Lin ‘an branch traffic and public security police station director GUI Jun in Fuyang Dongzhou along the river card point led the team to check the card, careful inspection of passing vehicles, patient to explain the epidemic prevention policy to the masses.That night, snow, the temperature fell to below freezing point, Lin ‘an branch police reinforcements in Fuyang and Lin ‘an junction of yongchang card point led the team card inspection, patient to explain the epidemic prevention policy to the masses, carefully check the past vehicles.Red eyes and white head, separation of 8 days for the first time.In the snow last night, a couple embraced at an epidemic prevention and control checkpoint in Fuyang, Hangzhou.That night, fuyang branch administrative licensing division auxiliary police Luo Ting braved the snow stick to fuyang Fuchun street Chunhui card point.Suddenly, a familiar figure came into sight, “Fang Chao, how did you come?”.The newcomer is Luo Ting’s husband, Fuyang traffic police brigade city squadron auxiliary police Fang Chao: “I now just want to go to the card point road, know you have to stay up all night today, to give you some warm baby…Auxiliary police Luo Ting circle of friends after the outbreak of the epicycle war, the couple heard and moved, their adhere to the post, this is the first time since the couple 8 days to meet, but also the first time to see the year of the tiger.Time is tight and the task is heavy.Thousands of words, all into a hug.Meet less than 5 minutes, two people turn around and throw respective epidemic line campaign.Snow gradually enveloped Hangzhou, but the binjiang police were still standing on duty.Come on binjiang!At 19 o ‘clock in the evening of February 2, heavy snow, jiande city bureau reinforcements police in Jinjialing card point checkpoints, carefully check passing vehicles.On February 2, Lin ‘an again ushered in rain and snow weather.Especially in the east Tianmu mountain area, snowflakes are flying, and the snow in the high altitude area on the top of the mountain is as high as 30 cm.A hiker surnamed Dong from Shanghai came to the East Tianmu Mountain early in the morning with his friends to enjoy the snow, but accidentally slipped on the way down and broke his right leg.After more than one hour of carrying in the snow, the police of Taiyuan Police Station of Lin ‘an Public Security Sub-bureau, together with fire and medical staff, finally sent the man to an ambulance.According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, qianjiang Century City police Station of Xiaoshan Sub-bureau cooperated with local streets to seal off and control the relevant apartment buildings within its jurisdiction.On the night of February 2, it fell heavy snow, community enthusiastic people for the police on duty to send from the hi pot.In the cold night, the auxiliary police encouraged each other, hoping to win the war as soon as possible!”Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”On February 2, the second day of the Lunar New Year, the canteen of Lingqiao Police Station of Fuyang Branch played the birthday song, adding warmth to the winter under the epidemic.Today is the 27th birthday of Auxiliary police Officer Xia Chefeng.”I will never forget the special 27th birthday we celebrated together.”Wearing a birthday hat xia Zhefeng said with a smile.But half an hour earlier, the birthday boy had been out on Mount Anding looking for his three missing children.At the top of the mountain, the snow accumulates quickly, and the car can’t go up, so walk.A firm footprint in the snow, just to find the child as soon as possible.Fortunately, it did not take long to meet the original way down the mountain of the three children, and they safely back home.On the night of February 2, the sky snowed heavily. Sun Weijia, auxiliary police officer of Xindeng Police Station of Fuyang Branch, came across a bamboo that was uprooted by heavy snow and hung in the middle of the road, directly blocking passing vehicles.Sun Weijia and driver Jiang Weizhong immediately went to the nearby villagers home to borrow sickles cut bamboo, do emergency treatment, to ensure the normal passage of vehicles on the road.In the evening of February 2, the sky again snow, snow mixed and falling, to traffic safety brought hidden dangers.In order to further strengthen the early warning and control of key parts of the ring expressway, hangzhou Traffic Police Detachment around the city all stick to the main line at dinner time and immediately put into the prevention and control work.Tribute, in the snow “white head” eaters Album | YuJiaJie began to make up | PangZhenXu nuclear hair | to ling hu early source | hangzhou public security statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn