Operation strategy; Dalong’s individual fund operation ideas on February 17

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Look after praise first, fund must earn!Always remember to earn on the run, late break leg!This year the fund income – 190,000, yield -9.97%, daily update fund income, is a loss is a loss, is to earn is to earn, every day adhere to sun!| money flows and data view (data by the end of the dragon post, for reference only), volume 700 billion, compared with Wednesday’s capacity 2.65% foreign main (), north to capital inflows today 2 billion net inflows of 080 million U.S. futures offer three major stock indexes fell GangJi rose 0.65% today before Vietnam base rose 0.10% | movements of a-share market today:Noon face out of A bad news, the global stock market index are diving, a-share market in the afternoon also follow the diving A wave, but this is just A short-term impact, in front of the A shares have fallen so much, now relatively safer new energy photovoltaic funds Currently hold up, such as every drop low suction, has white wine Can meet down low has medicine short and shock absorption,Behind personal continue hold, such as stabilizing in semiconductor with yesterday, today take good, short-term rebound is not big, continue hold, rare earth ETF currently continue to hold up, in the near future will continue to rise, and take to a securities company holds up, such as the problem not yuan, such as the universe continues to take military index will also rise At present to maintain low and small,It also takes some time to rise agricultural theme short-term adjustment almost, immediately began to rebound, non-ferrous metals in the short term if there is profit can be batch stop surplus.I said simple point, don’t tangle when is at the bottom, you just need to know the location of the A shares now is not suitable to cut meat, maintain low suck out slowly, little fall, tumbled down, the market after the march is expected to be big h., overall the profit also need A couple of months back | today fund personal operation: 1.Guolian Antelli growth bond C (003276) add 1000 this is the debt base, most of the positions will be placed on the debt this year, safety first, today’s low entry 2.Changsheng Tongjin research select mix (006199) add 1000 this is manufacturing + electronic information engineering mix, more anti-decline can rise, because it is still the bottom warehouse, today add warehouse to improve position 3.Harvest Hang Seng Hong Kong Stock Connect New Economic Index (LOF)A (501311) add position 1000 Hong Kong basis weekly scheduled investment, 4.Harvest China Securities rare earth industry ETF join C (011036) add warehouse 1000 rare earth prices on the market has long been a new high, but the rare earth fund has not risen, the late upward space is still large, continue to hold, low purchase add warehouse 5.Investment sports culture leisure stock (001628) add cang 1000 this is the universe, today low suction cang, the universe is one of the hot spots this year, the market will not have, advance layout can rise 6.Pengyang China Securities Science and technology innovation 50 index C (012908) add cang 1000 this is the gem + science and technology innovation board, will be the main direction of the future rebound, today’s low absorption add cang thanks to 3333 friends on Wednesday like, today’s target 8888 like, like, we earn together!Also welcome everyone to exchange more about their own opinions, refueling together, learn from each other, feel good words praise an encouragement, feel still need to strengthen can comment criticism, Dalong will accept humbly, what to say what, speak freely!I wish you all a New Year of rising investment, make more money!How does the fund plan 2022